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Andrea Gibson
Spoken-word poet

Andrea’s words are beautiful. I would quote one of her poems, but it’s hard to pick just one fragment! In the past I’ve transcribed these two poems on my blog. I don’t mean to self-promote my site, but I know that transcriptions are important to people who can’t hear or who can’t understand spoken English (I had a hard time understanding these poems at first — Andrea speaks really fast!). So here are the links to the transcriptions for the videos above: Swingset and Andrew.

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Posted by on July 28th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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10 Responses to “Recommendation: Andrea Gibson”

  1. Crys

    These were so fantastic, I had to listen twice. Absolutely beautiful. I'm inspired!


  2. another julian

    I wish Andrea Gibson would marry me.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TRANSCRIPTIONS. <33 I first heard of hir on (I believe) Sociological Images, which may have been a link from genderkid's site, because they had the transcript, too.

    For folks who are interested in gay stuff and not just gender stuff, "I Do" is Andrea's response to Prop 8 — it's on youtube, too.

    A friend of mine bought one of hir cds from hir site and said it's amazing, so if people have dollars to spare, do it!!


  3. Firebolt

    Oh. My. Gryffindoor.

    Thanks for the transcripts, genderkid! Streaming video doesn’t work on my cellphone so your transcripts saved my life, haha.

    Cheers! ^_^


  4. Rory

    As a Deaf person I totally appreciated the fact that genderkid transcribed the poems. You rock!!!

    Amazing. I am in love with Andrea now, what an amazing person!


  5. Dru

    Thank you for the recommendation.


  6. gunk

    as a genderqueer kid who's studying to be a primary school teacher (the australian equivalent of elementary and middle school, for the north americans here), hearing andrea speak about how kids react to hir gender is awesome and gives me hope.


  7. juliandarling

    Oh man, I met Andera Gibson when ze came to my university for a poetry slam last year, and we did a workshop on gender and it was like the highlight of my life. "Andrew" was a poem that definitely has helped me in undefining gender :D Ze is possibly one of the nicest people alive, no really.


  8. Júda



  9. Claudius Maximus

    So awesome. I needed to hear this today.


  10. ME

    This is the first time I’ve heard “Andrew.” I keep a running list of favorite quotes on my wall and “I am whatever I am when I am it” just made the walll. This means so much to me, thanks genderkid! :)


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