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Ben Lee

Two tracks off Ben’s album The Rebirth of Venus—”Boy With A Barbie” and “I’m A Woman Too”—do a wonderful job of breaking the gender binary, which is awesome because, as far as I know, he identifies as cis and straight.

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Posted by on October 27th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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  1. Claudius Maximus

    I went to his myspace and this part made my heart feel good,

    “Ben Lee dedicates his seventh studio recording to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. A bold move for a man, but Ben recognizes that the strongest feminine qualities “such as compassion, nurturing, creativity, spontaneity, intuition, playfulness, tenderness and warmth…are qualities that we all, men and women, need to cultivate.”


  2. Chase

    I became a fan of Ben Lee recently and I was planning on covering his old song with Noise Addict called “I wish I was Him”(Kathleen Hanna covered it too) and I was gonna wear a dress while singing it. I find it interesting that I was gonna cover one of his songs for the reasons of breaking the gender binary, and now he’s actually performing songs that go against the norms of gender.


  3. Ruffian706

    Here’s a link to a YouTube video for Boy With a Barbie that has a little better sound quality in terms of being able to hear the words. Plus you can see that he has the “female” symbol on his guitar. Pretty awesome for someone in the often hyper-masculinized music biz!


  4. Ruffian706

    Hahaha….forgot the link…


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