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This is an article on how homosexuality in women is on the rise, but it touches on androgyny and gender variance. I read it about halfway and it made me think of Genderforking in general.

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Posted by on May 28th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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5 Responses to “Recommendation: Why Women Are Leaving Men For Other Women”

  1. Alg.

    Maybe they're just getting smarter…


  2. littlepirata

    i dont like that the article pushes the idea that its just women, and that this is due to a natural sexual fluidity (no doubt connected to their motherly, nurturing, loving, femaleness). society tells males that it is definitely not okay for you to be romantically or erotically involved with other males. society says that what women do is generally less important…


    Kate_Sloan replied:

    I agree with you that society's homophobia towards males specifically is still far more horrifying than it is towards females.
    In my personal experience, I've known about fifteen bisexual females & only one bisexual male, which leads me to question whether women do have an inborn sexual fluidity, or whether it's just societal male-directed homophobia. Maybe it's both.
    I really hope the scientific community conducts more studies on this subject in the future.


  3. Nicky

    This is not surprising at all. These days, it’s far more acceptable for women to be with women, so why would they waste their time with men. After all, women are so much more fulfilling sexually and emotionaly. I believe that this is just the begininng of it and in future this will happen more and more.


    InfinitySquared replied:

    I think you underestimate men… Our culture does dictate that men aren’t allowed to be emotionally intimate, etc., but there are quite a few men who are giving our culture the finger anyway.


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