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Posted by on January 24th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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8 Responses to “HATE ME”

  1. Ari

    Oh dear lord, it’s Alex Evans. He goes to my college and a significant female population of the internet wants his babies.


  2. James

    He’s just everywhere, isn’t he? xD


  3. Anonymous

    Pretty face and nice lips. :)

    Uninteresting slogan though.


  4. jha

    In ability to grow facial hair, does not an androgyne make..though I wish I could make that work for me


  5. ilia

    doesn’t he look kinda like russel in six feet under? y’know, claires boyfriend in season 3? i thought so anyway.


  6. Moose

    …Sorry. I just have very mixed feelings about a kid who looks so much like a cliche, while proclaiming a statement on his hand that again, in this case, functions as a cliche. Call me mean, but no. But hey, maybe he’s actually got stuff going on beneath the surface. He probably does. I just… I dunno. I just see too many of these kids at school.


  7. Anonymous

    The emo thing often makes me sad. I think there is a lot of self-scorn in it. It makes me sad. On the other hand I have to appreciate the struggles of us all. We all go through so much in this world that is very hard to make sense of. It can be useful to have patterns (which is all a cliche or stereotype really is) to hold onto temporarily while we make our way through the maze. So Alex Evans or whoever you are, I am sending you a big shout-out for your struggle. We are all in it up to our necks. I wish you courage, tenderness for self and others, liberated spirit, and an open and compassionate heart.


  8. Anonymous

    I don’t believe he’s suffering I believe it’s not even about the emo music scene to him, I believe it is fashion, he’s got thousands of hits on his photo blog, I don’t think there is a struggle I think its a comfortable facade to adjust the blue hue on photoshop, make your eyes pretty and expect people to say ‘hey I know you..’


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