Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir – 2008 Skate America, originally uploaded by WordOfMouth.

Posted by on March 26th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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20 Responses to “Johnny Weir”

  1. Kirsty

    Can I just say how much I fucking LOVE this man? (A lot.)


  2. Keanan

    Johnny Weir is awesome. He really helped make the Olympics great this year. It’s great that he isn’t afraid to be himself. He is also a great skater. He should have gotten silver in figure skating. Johnny is the man.


  3. Emily

    This is such a beautiful picture. I really like it.


  4. sam

    I love Johnny Weir! I’ve been waiting for a photo of him to show up on this blog. he is so beautiful, graceful, gracious, and strong.


  5. Word of Mouth

    Glad you all like the photo!


  6. Meike

    His costume looks so beautiful on him, even though I’d normally associate it as a “girly” costume. I don’t think anyone, female or otherwise, could pull that outfit off like he does!


  7. Anonymous

    Johnny Weir is beautiful!


  8. Tchy

    Oh my goodness, he is SO cute. His profile, the curve of his neck and collar, the exposed shoulders… so lovely. I think I could stare for hours.


  9. ry_z

    Johnny is gorgeous. :x


  10. Ellie

    I love him! He’s so pretty.


  11. Milo

    Oh my god! Johnny Weir, I love you!


  12. nick

    Johnny Weir.. guh. There are no words to describe how much I admire and adore him. Gorgeous photo.

    ((where did my previous post go?))


  13. Josée

    Wow. <3


  14. Jayden

    I LOVE Johnny Weir. ; w; <3


  15. Chris

    marry me N-O-W


  16. Julian

    Johnny Weir makes me SWOOON.


  17. J

    Gorgeous photo! Swoon is right!


  18. Morgan

    I LOVE him!!! : )


  19. Ava

    He is very brilliant. :]


  20. Quince

    I love him!!


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