Lady Liquor and Julian Pax

Submitted by Elizabeth Pax, the model. Photography by Matt Venecek and Ursula Williams.

“This is me as Julian Pax and as Lady Liquor. I’m an entertainer: comedian, emcee, and burlesque dancer.  My male persona is Julian Pax, a British dandy, and my female persona is Lady Liquor, a Southern belle. I love playing with and exploring gender through my characters.”

Posted by on November 3rd, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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11 Responses to “Lady Liquor and Julian Pax”

  1. Nikkol

    The second pic reminds me of Jane Cannary from Deadwood.


  2. Ronen

    You’re gorgeous as both!


  3. Pax

    Thanks! :D I love performing gender. You can find me on facebook as Elizabeth Pax. :D


  4. Petra

    intriguing and so beautiful!


  5. kendall

    you definitely can pull off both I’m glad you have an outlet


  6. Ashlee

    Would LOVE to see more of Lady Liquor! So Hot!


  7. kendall

    so I’ve been thinking: is it pax, not latin for peace, but for, packs as in wears a packer? and lady liquor as in she licks ladies? amazing.


  8. Pax


    Well. I took the name Pax when I became an LGBT activist to mean ‘peace’ in latin. Then I did a drag show and they asked what my name would be and I said Julian. Julian Pax. Then I realized how perfectly hilarious that was. Totally unintentional.

    Lady Liquor… yep… Lady Licker. :D That was was totally intentional. It’s part of the character. She get introduced as ‘Lady Licker’ then screams out “It’s LI-CORE’ I’m FRENCH!” in a bad southern accent. heh.


  9. Pax

    @ Ashlee … for more pictures of Lady Liquor OR Julian Pax check out my facebook fanpage. haha.

    :D Thanks.


  10. Ashlee

    I just love the 2 dresses your in, (above and the cherry on in the tree) you are soooo cute!


  11. Pax

    @Ashlee… awww. thanks.


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