Melissa Leo

HOMICIDE 5×19-3, originally uploaded by car2design.

Actress Melissa Leo wearing necktie in Homicide: LIfe on the Street.

Posted by on January 12th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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5 Responses to “Melissa Leo”

  1. l

    long wavy hair don’t make a girl:) I am bio-female, I keep my hair long and I feel like a dude with long hair.


  2. Erica (The Photo Curator)

    The longer I work on this site, the more I think there is *no* one physical marker that can identify someone as one of the other.


  3. Rin

    She looks like a lion! Awesome. ^_^


  4. Aran

    Wow. I love how this site continues to challenge my concept of gender presentation/gendering. It’s so weird, I identify as genderqueer, yet I keep catching myself trying to figure out people’s gender/birth sex. Must be hard-to-undo socialisation, I guess.


  5. Moose

    …The reason I think this is a great pic for the site is because I have seen the show. Kay Howard, the woman pictured constantly worked to be the best female detective on the force, while fighting with anyone who dares to do anything to acknowledge her gender. Another female detective (who rises up and down the ranks, due mainly to politics) who looks far more feminine, Megan Russert, feels that Kay should instead strive to be the best detective, and get to the point where gender isn’t an issue. Any hoo….. Now that I have rambled on and on about my favorite show, go try to watch it. Kay is awesome.


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