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You can call me… Anything

I identify as… I’m not entirely sure. I am female and just beginning to embark on a path of embracing the attributes of myself that would be labeled as masculine by some.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I only exist within the first person. Third-person pronouns are just others’ perceptions of me, which says more about themselves than me. But… female ones are fine. I thoroughly enjoy when people call me by male ones, but enjoy it less so when they recognize their “mistake” and then profusely apologize.

I’m attracted to… Smiles, humor, intelligence, things that aren’t as they appear, vulnerable independence, kindness, opinions that have been formulated and reformulated. I know I am a sexual being but I don’t entirely understand what arouses my emotions that leads to those attractions.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Leave room for experimental error.

I want people to understand… That people are only defined as they define themselves or as you choose to perceive them. Labels are only ever used to quantify, which admittedly serves some purposes, but people are so much more than numbers.

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Posted by on May 4th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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  1. Milo

    Oh my god, this was so well written. I love your description of people’s complexities and near-infinite subtitles. Such that any pronoun could never really do that justice. It’s beautiful!


  2. Arianna

    I love how this profile is very general, yet very specific and pointed at the same time.
    As you describe yourself I think of someone I know who has some of the same views. :]


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