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You can call me… Jack if I’m presenting as male, Amy if I’m presenting as female, Teapot all the time (teapots are gender neutral, so I don’t mind being called Teapot even though it was a nickname given to me when I was presenting as female all the time)

I identify as… genderfluid. Mostly female, occasionally male, sometimes somewhere in between. The kind of person who likes sparkles and shiny things all the time.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … She when I’m Amy, He when I’m Jack, Xe, zie or something along those lines if you’re not sure. You can always ask, too. I promise I don’t bite (except in some very rare circumstances).

I’m attracted to… my boyfriend. He’s been the biggest help over the past couple of years. He has pretty much stopped me from going completely insane. Also pretty boys and girls who dress in a masculine fashion. People who wear things that are out of the ordinary. People who can make me laugh.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realise that keeping my hair long does not make me less of a man. They should remember that I’m growing it (until it reaches 10-12 inches) to cut it off and donate the hair as well as money raised from the sponsored hair cut to the little princess foundation (a UK charity set up to provide wigs for children who have lost hair because of illness or treatment of illnesses) which I happen to think is a pretty manly thing to do (it takes a lot to suddenly lose something you’ve grown pretty attached to over the last few years, even if it is for the sake of people who will probably appreciate it more than you).

I want people to understand… that I don’t want to choose one gender. I am pretty happy being lots of genders for now. Maybe later I’ll change my mind, but I wouldn’t count on it if I were you. Also that checking my ID to see if I was “really actually a girl” is just likely to make me angry (although I’m not exactly the most threatening guy in the world even when I am angry) and that comments about people who don’t want to transition fully being “filthy cross-dressers” and the like are actually pretty hurtful.

About Amy/Jack
Amy is a 19 year old music student in the UK. She likes pretty much every sort of music and hopes one day to produce records and possibly also make music that people can listen to without hurting their ears. She is currently trying to work out when is a good time to come out to the people around her. She likes wearing things that make people look twice (tutus and fairy wings in the middle of April in the centre of town, for example) and is a major Batman fangirl. Jack is all that but with the appropriate male pronouns.

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10 Responses to “Profile: Amy/Jack”

  1. Lyn Aven

    Hi! I wish I were more like you :) I can’t bring myself to go out in public in girl-mode yet.


  2. Beth/Rain

    Wow. I read this, and I was like: You sound exactly like me!! I really suck at passing as a dude, though. Plus everybody has always known me as a girl… I just never really thought I’d come across somebody who felt the same way as I did. That was like a woah! moment for me…


  3. Lyn Aven/Coda

    @Beth/Rain: You couldn’t possibly be any worse than passing as a guy than I am at passing as a girl! *giggle*


  4. Jenni

    I wish I could pass as a guy more. You sound very much like how I would like to be able to present myself.

    Also, I really admire you growing your hair for that reason.

    Teapot sounds familiar though, you’re not an xkcd type are you? If so – hi! Never thought I’d spot people off the forums I go on on here!


  5. Jay

    <3 You are seriously made of awesome. (And I love the final line of the bio bit. :) )

    And that double-checking of the ID… oh ugh, I so know what you mean!



  6. epinards

    i love the attitude in your photo.


  7. Rin

    Multiple gender-modes, yeah! And rock on with your hair donation. I’m doing that next week. ^_^


  8. Als

    *Cheers for gender fluidity!* You’re amazing.


  9. Jack

    Trust me to be away when this gets published.

    I never really expected so many nice comments, so that’s a pretty nice surprise.

    (And yes, I am an xkcd type, hi Jenni!)


  10. Happy

    Hey Amy/Jack (saying them both in case today happens to be your guy or girl day :P )

    I shaved my hair off (was down to my waist all my life) last year for Little Princesses UK as well and it’s the best decision I ever made. Now I have a mohawk because, you know, whilst you’re young.

    Good luck and keep on at growing it !

    (p.s. my name is also Amy, I’m also British, but 22 now, we probably have more in common as well!)


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