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You can call me… Erin, Myrrh, or Allison/Ally

I identify as… Two-spirit. Not quite in the traditional, Native American sense of the word, but in my own sense that my spirits are not man/woman. There is one spirit which does not like being pigeonholed, but has very feminine traits and likes the term “woman.” I call this Womanqueer. The other side is very bestial and severely dislikes the fact that I am associated with, and required to possess, human nature. Because of my behavioral archetype, I call this side feline.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Feminine pronouns, or third sets. Although, if you want to make me REALLY happy, spell them “shie, herr, herse, herr” and growl while you say them.

Just NEVER use male pronouns.

I’m attracted to… people. People are sexy, but, since I’m a radical feminist and still trying to learn to trust cismen, I tend towards people who are feminine or gender variant.

When people talk about me, I want them to… honestly think twice before they choose how to describe somebody, especially if they’re gender-variant.

I want people to understand… the more questions you ask yourself about gender, the more you’ll realize how artificial it is. Never settle for an answer unless you’re ready to ask questions about something else relating to gender.

About Erin
Erin is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, but currently attends school in New York. Shie is a Computer Science major who intends to go into AI in an academic context.

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8 Responses to “Profile: Erin”

  1. Lane

    Nice to meet you Erin! *offers feline spirit a piece of cheese*


  2. Simon

    You sound awesome! Hi :D


  3. Bellatrix

    I love the identit of womanqueer. That works for me too. I also love the name Myrrh. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Nikki

    I’m with herr about learning to trust cismen. I have spent far too much time in the mens locker room for trust to come easily… I really love/want to figure out how to growl while saying shie, maybe it’s just me who can’t :)


  5. Anonymous

    I think it’s interesting how you don’t identify as man/woman, yet your “Two-Spirit” identity reflects that very same binary.

    Interesting. Hope you understand yourself better than you are able to explain it.


  6. XylophoneGender

    Love the pronoun spellings, the spirits, the womanqueer. Love seeing people making language to fit better.


  7. Bellatrix

    Perhaps the growl in “shie” is more of a hiss like a big cat warning shie is there


  8. Erin

    Hah. It’s funny to see this (submitted at least 10 months ago, as I was pre-everything) and look back at how very much I have changed… Thank you all for your kind comments toward my past self, I shall inform her that shie is loved ^.^


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