Profile: Ian


You can call me… Ian

I identify as… an omnigendered, autonosexual faggot.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I won’t bite your head off over it, but do stick to the masculine.

I’m attracted to… brilliant, damaged people with male genitalia.

When people talk about me, I want them to… do it to my face, and in depth.

I want people to understand… that I’m not a defective version of someone else, I’m a pretty fucking fabulous version of myself.

About Ian
I’m an aspiring writer/actor/director/singer/poet/porn star, currently devoting at least a fraction of my attention to my queercore/autrock/punkcabaret band, pencil!Trick, publishing Lessons from a Slow Learner, my anthology of poetry, finishing two screenplays and a novel, and starting an independent website for fully-clothed porn.

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Posted by on June 21st, 2010 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “Profile: Ian”

  1. Rebekah

    Your expression of self-confidence (“fucking fabulous version of myself”) is both admirable and hilariously witty.


  2. kid

    Holly crap. We’re certainly ambitious, aren’t we?

    Now I feel kind of lazy. I’ve been putting off my screenplay for months. -__-;


  3. Lanthir

    Beastie! Hi! *GLOMPS*


  4. Me

    I like you.

    What does autonosexual mean?


  5. Rin

    Dude, your hair looks like fire.


  6. kendall



  7. epinards

    why be attracted to damaged people? It makes me sad that there is such a romance around damage, sulkiness, etc. etc. Those things aren’t really that romantic. Over time they are just a big pain in the a** and don’t really help to heal all of the hurt that is already in this world.

    I sometimes wished that people got as excited about ordinary kindness and regular generosity and everyday well-being as they do about inner turmoil and devastation. Ordinary kindness can be very exciting and very risky.


  8. Ian Ridley

    Autonosexual comes from the word ‘autonomous’. It means a sexuality that doesn’t define itself by dominant categories, and it also means in no way claiming ownership of one’s partners.
    I hardly choose the things that attract me (and for the record, sulkiness in not one of those things). I am drawn to people like myself, people who’s thought processes, view of the world, and emotional and mental state intrigue me and force the cogs in my brain to keep spinning. Kindness and turmoil are hardly mutually exclusive.


  9. amy

    i am very interested in your independent website. have you started it yet?


  10. Ian Ridley

    I have not, yet. I don’t yet have the funds to start my own site, but I am working my way up to it.


  11. Anonymous

    You are beautiful


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