Profile: Jessen/Jack

Jessen or Jack

You can call me… Jessen or Jack. Either one is fine.

I identify as… Fabulous

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Anything goes, male/female/neutral – but I’ll be happy if you refer to me as male.

I’m attracted to… Honesty, curiosity, creativity

When people talk about me, I want them to… See me for who I am. Call me out on any BS I give.

I want people to understand… People are people and all people deserve empathy and respect. If you want to be accepted, you have to first accept yourself, then other people.

About Jessen/Jack
I am a writer, and an artist, and I want to help people through my writing/art, especially kids. I’m also vegan and very passionate about animal welfare.

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Posted by on March 30th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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18 Responses to “Profile: Jessen/Jack”

  1. Tamworth

    m’awwwww! you’re adorable. Everyone should look this good in a shirt ‘n tie. :D


  2. Quince

    You’re so cute :)


  3. James

    Wow, such an adoreable, young man! <3 I feel like a stupid teenager in love just from looking at the picture!


  4. Noah

    Vegans rock :)


  5. anonymous

    Yay for Vegans! : )


  6. Jack

    Another redheaded Jack writer type? Look at us go. Nice hair!


  7. Keena

    You. Are. Adorable.


  8. Lee H

    Heart! Très cute!


  9. Billie

    Vegan power!


  10. Jay

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE your hair. ^^


  11. Sarah Dopp

    Wow, so is it fair to say we’ve got some vegans up in here? ;)


  12. Tom Zych

    SO cute! And that adorable mischievous look too :)


  13. ry_z

    Yay vegans! ^_^


  14. Chris

    oh, my


  15. Sarah-Sophia

    I’m a writer too, and the one thing that I feel I was born to do is help children. :)
    I am glad I’m not alone.


  16. Ace

    You sound like an amazing person. I absolutely love writing, and helping people to understand. And animal rights, obviously. I wish I could be vegetarian, maybe even vegan, but it just doesn’t work for me. I do what I can to help animals, though.
    Contact me if you want, it’s a totally open offer to everyone and I’d love to chat! My facebook is the website I’ve listed, but you can also find me on myspace at

    Edit: click my name to go to my facebook :3


  17. Savannah

    Ugh you are gorgeous.


  18. Jess Five

    Yay for vegans. :)


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