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You can call me… jay or johnathan

I identify as… a person that is generally confused… in my mind i’m a boi trapped in a female’s body. in life i’m just different: that girl that dresses in boy clothes and unsuccessfully tries to bind her chest. i’m gay and me and i hate labels.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … i love it when people use male pronouns… and call me johnathan – when they call me “janell” i’m like, who is that person? female pronouns make me uncomfortable…

I’m attracted to… im attracted to females… genderqueers… um i don’t really have any feelings towards biological males… and i haven’t had that much experience in other people… i love everyone that loves me!

When people talk about me, I want them to… understand that i am sensitive. i may seem crazy, stupid, and weird on the outside, but i’m really just a person. a creative soul trapped in a body.

I want people to understand… that you should love the inside first. the outside is just like clothing. it changes but the soul remains the same. people are just people and sometimes they don’t fit into the social binary that the world is consumed with…

About Jay/Johnathan
i am 16, currently a senior in high school. i’m a writer and currently have a blog and vlog that i don’t really update. you can find me on facebook (“jay banks”) and on blogger: search johnathan1330 on youtube and you might find me.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Johnathan”

  1. Anonymous

    “you should love the inside first. the outside is just like clothing. it changes but the soul remains the same.”

    I just wanted to leave a note saying how much it warmed me to read this. :) Great way of thinking.


  2. Jay

    Like Anonymous, I think that line quoted is great. And I am so with you on the birth name sounding weird (assuming that’s what ‘Janell’ is). Sigh.


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