Profile: Locke


You can call me… Locke

I identify as… me.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … whatever suits your fancy :)

I’m attracted to… intelligent and thoughtful beings who generally “get it” and will recognize/embrace me for who i am and what i am and who expect the same in return. My beautiful girlfriend possesses all of the above <3

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about me as a human and not pertaining to the gender binary.

I want people to understand… there is far too much that i wish people could understand…but i guess i’d be super happy if people realized that this world is not and never will be black and white… there will ALWAYS be shades of grey.

About Locke
I have a few different names to a few different people, but most everyone calls me Locke. I’m an art student living in LA, and generally the culture here is open-minded and willing to accept me. I’ve even had the luck and pleasure to stumble upon several beautiful persons whose identities lie in or near the same pool as mine. Still, i’m trying to discover exactly who it is that i am and who it is that i’m meant to be… like everyone else in this shiny world, i’m floatin’ along and picking up bits and pieces as i go. I love puppetry and rain and apples and talking and makin’ new friends, so hit me up!

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Posted by on April 25th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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12 Responses to “Profile: Locke”

  1. Mary

    This picture is beautiful – your girlfriend is a very lucky girl!


  2. amy

    Ok so first off, I love the hat in the background. haha, it’s really cute. Secondly, I seem to have developed this facination with your shoulder. It’s pretty sexy if I do say so. ;)


  3. JayVon

    I love that you love puppetry.


  4. Billie

    You are a gorgeous individual.


  5. Quince

    You’re adorable. I wish I lived in LA now


  6. Jerrie

    I approve its like you wrote directly from the heart. Glad to here there are understanding people in the world. Its also nice to here similar thoughts from other people!


  7. Anonymous

    Shades of gray…exactly…and if that also happens to be a Sick of Sarah reference, even better :)


  8. Jess Five

    I’m in Southern California and always looking for new buddies, how can we get in touch with you? Rock on!


  9. anna

    i like you /:


  10. lea

    you are adorable lol lucky gf haha


  11. Anonymous

    Damn, your girlfriend is one lucky girl.


  12. Megan

    Your cute :)


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