Profile: Logan


You can call me… Logan.

I identify as… genderqueer, queer.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I use: they, them, their, theirs…

I’m attracted to… femininity, flair, honesty, humility, intelligence, kindness, loyalty, openness, passion, personality, queerness, sensitivity, strength, talent.

When people talk about me, I want them to… think about my feelings.

I want people to understand… that no one is in any place to tell someone else what they are.

About Logan
I was born in Montreal, and still live here. I DJ and produce electronic music. One of the reasons I love music is it allows us to communicate beyond the limitations of language.

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Posted by on July 26th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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9 Responses to “Profile: Logan”

  1. Jack

    Fabulous, and you look like Iggy Pop!


  2. Beck

    A fellow Montrealer, eh? Sweet deal. I live on the South Shore but go to Dawson so I’m there all the time. What’s your DJ name?


  3. Brandon

    Love your haircut!


  4. Ace

    further Montrealer here! I’m in Verdun.


  5. Logan

    My DJ name is Logan Hollow =)


  6. Johnny Faithful

    Dear Logan: Didn’t know you were a native Montrealer. Makes a lot of sense though. Rugged individualism combined with an intense desire for community is something that seems positively paradoxical to many outsiders, and yet perfectly normal to those who’ve grown up here. So glad that I met you. So very glad.


  7. Matthew

    …It makes me so happy that your name is Logan, and you are from Canada. Okay, the comic geek is going to wander away now.


  8. Jay

    @ Matthew: LOL. I totally only got that on the second re-read. Clearly I’m geekier than I thought (never been into comics, really).

    Also, Logan: Great profile, and I love what you say about music allowing you to communicate beyond language’s limitations. And cheers from another Canadian (a fair bit east of you, though!).


  9. Logan

    I’m glad I met you, too Johnny! Let’s get together soon.

    Cheers to my fellow queers, Montrealers, and Canadians!


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