queerer than thou

A group of Los Angeles queers vie for the title of Queerest Queer.

Posted by on July 14th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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18 Responses to “queerer than thou”

  1. Jules

    haha that was awesome.


  2. Anonymous

    A little funny, but in a squirmy, uncomfortable way that strikes too close to the truth.


  3. Bek

    I’m with Anonymous on this one.


  4. Bellatrix

    I like that it comes close to the truth. But I like dancing on edges, so I guess that makes sense. I did laugh a lot.


  5. Oliver

    I almost couldn’t watch that… Far too close to the truth… when people do that in life it makes me more embarrassed than anything on earth. People who act like every situation is a “define yourself box” – I edged close to it before observing just how awful (and in many cases, appropriative) the behaviour is.


  6. Anonymous

    People do tend to jump from the incorrect performance of gender and sexuality, for which they were brought up, to another, maybe more fitting, performance… but still, a performance.

    I wish people would listen to the “be yourself” cliche.


  7. scoutt

    that has to be one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen
    well played


  8. Anonymous

    I didn’t find it uncomfortable, only because it was stretched truth, making it amusing. I laughed a lot during this video. 5 stars.


  9. Jay

    *is a little shocked* Not at the vid – it’s a great, hilarious, video – but… I actually saw this on YouTube before it got posted here! o.o I feel rather cutting edge at the moment.

    … Shall go remind myself I am otherwise. xD


  10. Simon

    Ha. Yeah I saw this on the YouTubes before as well. Hilarious.


  11. Ronen

    Saw this before! Glad to see it here.


  12. Lexi

    Dudes, this conversation lightheartedly could be fun. Contesting our queerness :P though I’d OBVIOUSLY win :P

    Labels are fine fora bit, but not if you depend on them too much.


  13. Keanan

    I saw this a couple months ago. It’s hilarious and rather, sadly, true.


  14. Dodger

    This is so fantastic. And so eerily and depressingly accurate.


  15. Tamar

    this is one of my favorite short videos~~so glad to see it posted on here! however, people who actually behave this way and compete to be the queerest (whatev that means) make me so uncomfortable. “i’m queerer than you (and that presumably makes me better/more authentic)” conversations only undermine people’s confidence levels and create divides within the queer community.


  16. Daan

    This is absolutely hilarious because it’s so true. Also, where are all these queer folks hiding out in Los Angeles? I’ve been here almost a year and unable to find any community similar to the one in NYC!


  17. XylophoneGender

    i don’t know that they all are, but at least the creators & a few of the actors. have you looked into the NYC center’s Gender Identity Project?
    they seem to have some good resources.


  18. Prince

    I’m glad they finally re-uploaded it! It was only online for a few weeks when they uploaded it two years ago.


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