Recommendation: “I’m a Boy” by The Who

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Written in 1966, this song was intended to be about a time in the future when parents can choose their children’s gender and a family chooses to have four girls, but end up with three girls and a boy, so they decide to pretend the fourth child is female.

However, I find it could just as easily be a song being told from the point of view of someone expected to act female, but longs to be male.

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Posted by on July 20th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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8 Responses to “Recommendation: “I’m a Boy” by The Who”

  1. Kab

    That’s my song, and my mother only recently realised why!


  2. Keanan

    Whoa, dude. I just finished listening to that song. I was thinking about recommending it (is someone reading my mind?). I agree with the explanation. I like to look at it as I’m a boy but my mom doesn’t realize/know/won’t admit it yet and I just want to do all that “boy stuff” but I’m expected to do all that “girl stuff”. It’s kinda become my FtM “theme song” of sorts.


  3. Jay

    Oh wow! Great song, I do love The Who! This is going on my ‘to buy from iTunes’ list for sure!


  4. J.D.

    New favorite song. Don’t know how I never heard this before! Love The Who.


  5. Logan

    I can’t stop listening to this song now.


  6. Jack

    I had to check back and make sure this wasn’t a recommendation of mine I’d forgotten about…favourite band, and such a fabulous song, although I always feels a little weird singing it around the mother to whom I’m not really out. I think this may have come from the fact that Pete Townshend did some gender-muddling himself at one point. Love that man.


  7. Joel

    This is my theme song, too! I used to play this constantly. It fits perfectly since my mother is in complete denial about my being trans. We’re like some kind of collective consciousness around here, ha ha.


  8. Jessica

    Great seeing the Who that was. Keith Moon was so cute! Interesting to see the beginnings of Pete Townsend’s playing style. I only saw them later, when they were playing in big stadiums. Makes me feel quite old.


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