Recommendation: The dirty rococo of Prince Poppycock

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The dirty rococo of Prince Poppycock
musical artist and performer

I’m surprised to have waited this long to mention the luminous Prince Poppycock. I’ve been amused, enamored and confused by this marvelous creature long before I ever started to have an interest in genderfuck beauty.

Part randy dandy, part rock star, part drunken courtesan, Poppycock instantly owns the audience with but a glance and a wiggle of bedazzled pantaloons, and that’s just the beginning. His operatic prowess, glamorous costumes and ostentatious prose leave not a heart unstirred. A masterpiece of self-transformation, the Prince is also recording artist John Quale, but I’m secretly hoping Poppycock will take over completely one day, to reign supreme in a glittery victory of feathers and gold spandex.

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Posted by on September 24th, 2010 at 04:06 pm

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10 Responses to “Recommendation: The dirty rococo of Prince Poppycock”

  1. Jay

    He is my hero. Or, as close to a hero as I ever have. The world needs more wigs and dandies wearing them!


  2. A

    This man totally rocks my world. <3


  3. Anonymous

    I had never heard about him before, and before I watched his exibitions, I expected something totally different…

    And it was awesome!!!

    And he performs with high heels!!! Kudos to him for being able not to trample after every step XD


  4. Imogen Quest

    This man is amazing and I love him to pieces. <3

    (But I do have one niggling issue–people keep referring to him as a dandy when he is clearly a fop. There's a difference, dammit. :P)


    Jay replied:

    Hah! Good point! Although giving the term ‘macaroni’ some airing might be fun too… xD


    Anonymous replied:

    Seconded. Macaroni is particularly relevant in a genderqueer context.


    Popin replied:

    I was thinking exactly that!


  5. Samson

    I gotta vote against you on Poppycock taking over completely–John Quale is freakin’ hot!


  6. Elissa Mahatma

    I still can’t believe that he didn’t win America’s Got Talent. I died when he performed Bohemian Rhapsody, and if you go to his website he has an amazing rendition of Robert Frost’s poem “Miles to go Before I sleep”


  7. kendall

    I like him, I myself am a bit of a dandy, but… when he laughs he reminds me of alfred ashford from the resident evil games, anyone?


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