Recommendation: To Femmes


To Femmes
a video

A great poem by Ivan Coyote about why femmes of all genders are appreciated.

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Posted by on July 16th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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17 Responses to “Recommendation: To Femmes”

  1. Anonymous

    so beautiful and so true


  2. the raven

    *sigh* that was so sweet…it made me tear up a little.


  3. Jules

    i love this so much.


  4. J. Sandy

    What a wonderful poem. I wish the sound was better. Any chance of getting a printed version? I would love to have one!


  5. Keanan

    That was awesome. And I would like to say, that I too appreciate femmes (I just could never be that articulate about it).


  6. Nick

    One of my favorite pieces by Ivan! Second only to ‘a butch roadmap’.


  7. Nick

    Can I say, I would like to say all of this, in my own words, from my own heart, all of this to all the beautiful, fantastic femme men out there.
    I know boys don’t get told enough that they can be beautiful and I know sometimes even the gay community can make femme men feel like they are failing at something because they are not what the tv tells you a man should be. But God, I love you. You are so beautiful I can barely stand it. I love your make up and your tight tops and your fluid hand gestures. I love your sensitivies and your vanities. I love it. Please don’t stop making my world so so beautiful.


    Anonymous replied:

    wow… even MORE heart warming words. I second this 100%. :)


    A replied:

    What an awesome sentiment! <3 I agree completely, I love femme men with all my heart.


  8. Zory

    Found a transcription!


  9. J. Sandy

    Hey Zory, thanks a bunch! Sandy


  10. Jay

    This is so, so wonderful. Its something that isn’t said enough and needs to be said more, and I so agree with Nick. Not enough femme males get told they’re beautiful – but you are, you really are.

    Also, the Toronto Maple Leafs comments made me laugh. xD


  11. Keanan

    In the past day I’ve watched and listened to all of Ivan’s stuff that is on the internet and it is all great. Awesome, deep and heartfelt storytelling with humor twisted in. I really want to get Ivan’s books and CDs.


  12. XylophoneGender

    love love love it


  13. hunter

    This is such a beautiful piece – so honest and confident. Thank you so much for sharing this. Damn Maple Leafs! :-)


  14. Anonymous

    “Thankyou for wearing matching bar and panties. I do not know why this makes my life seem so perfect.” – LAUGH. OUT. LOUD.


  15. Jenn

    I love Ivan. Saw this months ago, and I couldn’t stop watching.


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