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Wrong Bathroom
Short film

“Wrong Bathroom” is a fabulous youtube clip on the importance of gender-neutral toilets not just for transfolk, but also for genderqueers and anyone who expresses outside the annoying two-gender system.

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Posted by on January 8th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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16 Responses to “Recommendation: Wrong Bathroom”

  1. genderkid

    Oooh, this is one of my favorite documentaries!


  2. Roxanne

    As a transwoman who is still in transition I can really relate to the bathroom quandary!


  3. Aran

    Yup, there needs to be more work on this issue. Thanks for sharing this, very informative :)


  4. Dean

    I think the fact that we still have men and women bathroom is sad, and the fact that most people don’t see what’s wrong with it is horrible.
    I mean this sounds just like white and black bathrooms during the segregation to me. Or am I overreacting?


  5. Argo

    I went into the women’s restroom, and there was this mom who was taking her son in cause he needed to pee. (I guess this is a bit more acceptable than dads taking their daughters into the men’s room.) The kid looks at me, looks around at where he is, and then looks to his mom, “Mommy, is this a boys’ AND girls’ bathroom?”


    Anonymous replied:

    Actually, there are men who take their daughters in men’s rooms, I sw one go in that wa 9 or 11.


    Anonymous replied:

    My husband says that in the years before family restrooms he’d see many fathers bring their small daughters into the men’s room.

    But many places now have family restrooms so this is being phased out.


  6. Keanan

    Good video. We need more gender neutral restrooms. I was at dinner today and I was standing in line to wash my hands and two girls (probably around my age so 14-ish) came in. They push open the door and the first person they see is me. They look at me, then look at the sign, then back at me and ask if this is the women’s room. Sadly, I had to answer yes. They were probably uncomfortable with the situation but little do they know they made my day.


  7. Amari

    Went through the same BS tonight…*sigh*
    Went out to a straight club with some friends; had at least 4 drinks and mid-way through night I couldn’t take it anymore I had to go REALLY Bad

    Couldn’t go to the womens bathroom, because I was passing as male through out the whole night…Couldn’t go to the dudes bathroom because all they had was 5 urinals and 2 stalls (all were occupied)plus there’s always that thought in the back of my mind about being caught and police/security coming in and embarrassing the hell out of me…

    So what did I do?…walk up and down the club district for 5-10 mins looking for a single bathroom. =[ Bladder Fully loaded…

    They need more gender neutral bathrooms ALL over my city and not only in places that deemed GLBTQ friendly.


  8. Jack

    For anyone who lives in the UK there is a list of places with gender neutral toilets here

    You can also go onto google maps and update it if you know a place that isn’t already on there.


  9. Keanan

    Amri- That really sucks. That’s really bad that you couldn’t find a single place. I ran into a very interesting situation in September. I was on a road trip and we stopped off to get some sncks and go to the bathroom. While my friend and I were at Vons getting food we decided to use their restroom. We were standing in line for a really long time. The male and female rooms were occupied. I told my friend (a girl) that it didn’t matter who came out of the room first we would just go there. Finally, someone came out of the men’s room. It was a woman (or someone very female identified and passed really well). Being polite, I let my friend go first. Then the person came out of the women’s room. It was a man (or someone very male identified with enough T in their system to have a moustache). I was surprised but happy because it showed that it really doesn’t care where you go, everyone is ultimatly just doing the same thing.


  10. Rebecca

    I went to an Anarchist Bookfair once and the bathroom sign had a paper mohawk and a skirt taped onto it. It had some other funky gender-bending things on it. It was awesome.


  11. Lanthir

    I remember going to Girl Scout overnight lock-ins when I was a little kid; the sort of event where absolutely everyone in the building for the entire duration was biologically female.
    There was always a *huge* line for all the women’s restrooms, and it didn’t seem to occur to anybody to just use the men’s room.

    Somewhere, there is a series of picturs of my troop posing in the men’s room at every lock-in we ever went to. (^__^)


  12. Keanan

    Lanthir- My troop was always the one getting in trouble for going into the men’s room. I am proud of us. I go to a camp every year and everyone there is biologically female. I still don’t understand why most of the people don’t use the men’s room. I’m always the one suggesting that we do.


  13. Captain Pasty

    Epic video.
    At my uni of about 30,000 people, there’s only one toilet that I’ve found where there’s only one cubicle. So I always use that one. Also, it’s a female toilet in the engineering dept, so basically it never gets used. I walk across the entire campus to use it.


  14. Anonymous

    I alway hesitate around washrooms. I always go into the women’s but I live in constant fear that one day I will walk into the /right/ washroom by mistake.
    Once I was coming out of a public washroom and an old lady was coming in at the same time. Apparently I confused her because she kept looking from me to the sign on the door with this weird expression. I felt bad for her, but good for me and wondered if maybe I should’ve just apoligized and said ‘sorry, I was in the wrong bathroom!’


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