Snack Time

Submitted by N, one of the models.

“I’m the little girl on the right: back the end of the 90’s, I stumbled into my childhood friend’s neighbour’s house. The little boy there loved to go around in a dress and had a matching one, so her mother gave us a snack, had me try the extra dress on, and gave me a Polaroid of this moment – back when those instant pictures were novelty. It’s now a cherished treasure.”

Posted by on September 23rd, 2010 at 10:00 am

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8 Responses to “Snack Time”

  1. Janus

    That’s a pretty beautiful moment to be able to carry in your pocket.


  2. Cydne

    This is beautiful. That little boy’s mother is an awesome woman. Makes me have hope for humanity.


  3. N

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had five-year old logic? No questions asked when a boy likes wearing dresses.

    He just happens to like dresses.


  4. Jamie

    What a priceless picture. I agree with N, 5-year-old logic FTW.


  5. Anonymous

    Only four comments? But this picture is so adorable!!


  6. Meike

    Okay, I’ve been struggling with a lack of fondness for children, and I have to say something: this picture is freaking adorable. If I ever am a parent, I seriously want two children exactly like this. This just made my night!


    tigr replied:

    Off-topic, but your blog doesn’t have anonymous comments, so here–

    I’m always amazed by people who are crazy about German :D I really wonder where that comes from!:p What are you actually doing in Jena, what are your plans for these 10 months?

    Did you read Mark Twain’s story about the German language? (I didn’t, save for a few excerpts here and there, but I want to get a copy of that one!)

    I’ve never been to Jena, either — only driving alongside it on the autobahn, or seeing the ICE train station (“Jena-Paradies”, though it’s much more of a big ugly 60s suburb than a paradise!) while passing through… But I’ve been told that the centre is actually rather nice :)

    Hope you’ll have a great time, I’m looking forward to following your blog entries:)

    have a safe journey there!


    Meike replied:

    So sorry, I’ve now allowed for anonymous comments. Feel free to re-post! And thanks for the well-wishes! :)


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