The King

In the mighty jungle., originally uploaded by Kaiden Blake.

Posted by on October 12th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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22 Responses to “The King”

  1. Milo

    OH MY GOD! This is amazing!


  2. Ellen

    So lovely!


  3. Leon

    I love the colours in this photo


  4. Libby

    You are sexy, and fantastically colorful :-)


  5. Anonymous

    so so pretty!


  6. Ronen

    Such a beautiful shiny king *bows down*


  7. Trevor



  8. Sam



  9. japey

    absolutely beautiful!


  10. kendall

    I love this for so many reasons


  11. Cole

    Gorgeous! Not to mention excellent styling.


  12. Anonymous

    You look ready to solve an enigma.


  13. Milo

    Gender benders don’t need to solve enigmas. We are them, we are masters of them! :)


  14. Quince

    This is spectacular, and makes me verryyyyyy happy!


  15. Anonymous

    kaiden blake…i think i had/have this guy on myspace…from back when I actually used it. xD
    super cute picture :)


  16. Jude



  17. Jessica

    You look so much like my best friend growing up… right down the choice of footwear. We used to dare each other to jump out of trees from higher and higher branches.


  18. Trevor

    Ah! I keep coming back to this picture. So awesome.


  19. Meagan Phynix

    I love being a Kaiden Blake Misfit. :P this has always been one of my favorites…I miss him tho, hes be away from the net for a while now. <3


  20. Captain Crowdeath

    So beautiful!!!! This struck me and gave me tingles. You’re so beautiful…


  21. Micha Misfit

    @Meagan Me too! I love Kaiden because he gives me hope to love myself even though it’s not always easy… :/ Anyways I love this pic<3


    Meagan Phynix replied:

    exactly! hehe i love your name :P do you have a twitter or facebook? i love talking to other Misfits :P <3


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