Chubby Little Boy.

Submitted by Crystal, the model.

“This picture was taken as a “close up” joke by a friend who was pretending to be a photographer. My father saw it and told me it doesn’t matter if I want to play dress-up and look like a chubby little boy, I will never be a man. I may be a female, but regardless of my gender, I will always support my kids and never put them down, which I believe already makes me more of a man then he will ever be.”

Posted by on January 21st, 2011 at 10:00 am

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17 Responses to “Chubby Little Boy.”

  1. kendall

    I think your eyes and piercings are stunning in this, I can’t quite put a name to the expression on your face, you’re just like… open or something.

    Dads are weird, they either want a son, or they want their daughter to be a princess, having their princess act like they want to be a son, throws everything off, men of some generations are especially old school, for what its worth, my dad did not feel warm and fuzzy when he learned that my 6’4 football playing brother who hangs the moon doesn’t look anything like him compared to me in drag, me with a beard is my dad with gray eyes instead of brown, I think it bothered him, he loves me and said nothing, but he didn’t even laugh and play it off but because he wouldn’t talk about it I worried he would yell about it so I don’t talk to him about drag anymore… I think that even chubby little boys usually become men, if thats what you want to be, you could pull it off I’m sure. I am glad you will be nice
    to your future children.


  2. Jessen

    Way to take responsibility for your life and keep on shining the flood lights of optimism in your heart. I admire that :)


  3. Leon

    you are amazing, inside and out


  4. Lane

    I think the way our families react is the scariest. If they affirm us it can make up for a hundred rejections, and if they reject us it takes twice as much strength to move on. I’m glad you have moved on, and that you know to be the kind of parent who accepts.


  5. J.D.

    your eyes are so amazing! and dont let anyone get you down!


  6. Jessica

    I’ve had to deal with that kind of thing… “Oh yeah, another thing you’ve got to do to make it all about YOU again! Surprise me! It’s all bullshit and you are what you are.”

    It is discouraging. It hurts, especially when this comes from people you care about. There’s no easy answer, no right way… you’ve just got to get through these times and be true to yourself. Good luck.


  7. Lee

    My dad said something similar to me as well. It must be a dad thing.


  8. Meike

    Just keep on being your awesome self. We need more people like you in this world.


  9. elliott

    you look lovely no matter what gender you are, and i really admire your attitude. i am sure you are/would be a wonderful parent.


  10. Anonymous

    You have beautiful eyes. Listen to your heart first, others second and you’ll always get where you need to be.


  11. radical/rebel

    seconding everyone on you having stunning eyes.

    also, props for your sentiment that accepting your children, however they come, will make you more of a man than your father is. we need more people willing to stake a new version of what masculinity can be.



  12. Anonymous

    Thank you for your comment. We need more people like you here in this world.

    Also, you’re cute :p


  13. Pax

    I don’t even think you’re chubby, but whether you are or arn’t in your eyes, I think you’re perfect.


  14. Tommy

    Beautiful eyes *__*


  15. Milo

    This might sound weird, but you are exactly how I want to look like once I start transitioning…


    Milo replied:

    I’m FTM, although my picture doesn’t imply it.


  16. Amanda Morris

    Keep strong and don’t let anyone stop you from being who you are :)


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