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You can call me… Ben or Rubyben

I identify as… a boy mostly, and sometimes even a man on a good day. Female. Possible fop, occasional transvestite (read: red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, little black dress), sometimes womanly with certain individuals but never with the public.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I wander. From strangers I want masculine or ungendered, but sometimes for myself my female body makes me feel qualified for “she,” especially when I’m speaking to feminist causes.

I’m attracted to… womanly (not generally feminine, but perhaps graceful or maternal or something I identify as womanly) men, confident and sometimes manly or masculine women, transvestites, unusual ways of moving, muscles.

When people talk about me, I want them to… drink martinis.

I want people to understand… that all our politics and struggles are happening with the aim that people can be confident and empowered in themselves and their communities, and just feeling that way openly about who we are is powerfully political. Doing well for ourselves and each other is the ultimate protest against sexism and the heteronormative.

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Posted by on April 12th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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5 Responses to “Profile: Ben”

  1. radical/rebel

    your “I want people to understand…” section is incredible and inspiring! Wish more people talked like that! Hell yeah for feeling good about who we are.



  2. Clare

    Its rare to find such visionary language on a website such as this, espousing the lifestyle that we do – but that’s why i come here, because who and what we are is about setting us all free. Vive la difference!!


  3. magdelyn

    I love your profile. At first I was confused. But, upon closer inspection, I see. I am going to ask a personal question. Tell me to piss off if it is none of my business. But, I have a son with cerbral palsey. Your picture looks like you may have it ass well. I just wanted to find out how your life is going? Will my kid have a happy life, inspite of his situation? I know you can’t answer that. But, do you have any thoughts?



  4. Nick

    You sound awesome. :)
    The “I want people to understand…” part kicks ass!


  5. Rubyben

    Yuck I actually really don’t like this profile anymore. But whatever. It’s a moment in time.
    And no, I don’t have CP, and I don’t really look like I have CP.


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