Profile: Jay

Black transmasculine person with medium-length dreadlocks wearing a grey tanktop, dogtags, and a brimmed cap, taking a picture of himself in a mirror with a cellphone.

You can call me… jay.

I identify as… genderqueer, transboi, jay.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … him, he, his, they, their, jay.

I’m attracted to… femmes, non-femmes, genderf#ckers, other transbois, queers, intelligence, wit, binary fighters, humor, bike punks, and nerds.

love nerds.

When people talk about me, I want them to… one: keep it real – don’t talk negatively about me and then pretend everything is “okey dokey” when I’m around.

two: keep it peaceful – negative energy is bad juju, for everyone.

three: keep it judgement free – if someone tries to walk a mile in my shoes, i’ll try to walk a mile in theirs.

I want people to understand… the concept of “normal” does not exist. the concept of gender does not exist. most concepts don’t exist – everything is impermanent, everchanging, and evolving.

my gender/sexuality/life choices are about me, whatever reactions people have about those choices, well, that’s about them.

About Jay
i’m a student, a former soldier, and a buddhist. i’m a paradox – complex, but simple. unique. outside of the box. i live in minneapolis. i live like there’s no tomorrow. i love bikes, food, books, music, art, and inner peace.


Everything else is trivial.

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10 Responses to “Profile: Jay”

  1. Thor

    Jay, you sound like a smart and interesting lad. Plus you are super cute ;) Peace.


  2. kaj

    dude, Minneapolis represent! You’re lovely. :)


  3. Riley

    You are deserving of high fives and cheers :D


  4. Ari

    Yeah Mpls genderqueerz! I like what you said as far as ground rules for talking respectfully about someone.


  5. Meike

    You sound awesome. When I’m down in Mpls next week I’ll have to keep an eye out for you. :)


  6. Jazz

    I love your whole energy, rock on. <3


  7. Alex

    Dude you look so much like MJ. And you’re a buddhist? I could just die. You have Twitter?


  8. Lane

    I’m impressed.


  9. Vanessa

    Hey, loved everything you had to say…you’re AWESOME!!!


  10. Jai monroe

    That my ig follow and dm me (astro.Jai)


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