Profile: Oleander/Zeek

You can call me… Oleander, or Zeek. Whichever you prefer since neither is my real name.

I identify as… A physically female, backwards-gendered, paradoxical human being. In layman’s terms, my soul has no gender, and I have no real desire to surgically alter my body to fit that idea.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Don’t care. “she” sounds demeaning, “he” is anatomically incorrect, and “ze” is very unspecific. Whatever you please.^^

I’m attracted to… Cute girls! I’m not as much into the sexy as the cute. I like the curves. mm-hmm.
I like intelligence, caretaking skills, understanding, and humanity. And a good cook doesn’t hurt anyone, no?~

When people talk about me, I want them to… listen to what I’m trying to say instead of letting their own opinions cloud their view. I want them to be human when they talk to me. To trust me, at least temporarily.

I want people to understand… That I love them. All of them. No matter what.

About Oleander/Zeek
Born & grown in cali. As a youngster had no normal relations with anyone but my family, and am just now learning actual social skills. pretty cool, actually…all this “friendship” stuff is pretty heartwarming. I still get intense bouts of depression, though, and nights scare me sometimes because I don’t know if I want myself to wake up.
…all emo-sauce aside, I think this world is pretty rad.
I like drawing, chewing on plastic objects, my friends, happy things, not lying to myself, and LOLcats. Also, a wide range of music: Everything from Owl City to Marilyn Manson.
I only realized a year ago that I was just a tad queer. No, I knew beforehand, just didn’t admit it. W00t for freedom of thought, huh, guys?

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8 Responses to “Profile: Oleander/Zeek”

  1. Anonymous

    you’re so cute! you remind me of myself a bit, and that makes me feel good, knowing that there’s someone out there like me. keep on being cool :]


  2. Anonymous

    “In layman’s terms, my soul has no gender, and I have no real desire to surgically alter my body to fit that idea.”

    This. My god, this. You have no idea how much I empathise with you.


  3. Ems

    Cool, we have the same chronology. We went different directions but we went them at the same time. And it’s good to see that I’m not the only cloistered kid just now becoming properly socialized.


  4. Jessica

    I never got other people until I went trans. They were a phenomena in my life I had to deal with, but they were not real to me as I was real to me. “I don’t know if I want myself to wake up.” <– Got that shirt, fer sure.


  5. Lia

    This is the most sexist entry I’ve ever seen on GF.

    “‘she’ sounds demeaning”

    So being called by feminine pronouns is something shameful ?

    “Cute girls […] caretaking skills […] And a good cook”

    A nice succession of sexist cliches – women have to be cute, caretakers and cooks – presumably, while you watch football on the tv.


    J.D. replied:

    That’s hardly what was being said and I find that you’re being far too sensitive. Firstly, how can someone who identifies as having no gender and says they love everyone be sexist? Second, “she” can sounds demeaning especially if you’re female bodied and have felt awkward by being called it your whole life. Specifically if you have to deal with actual sexists. I’m sure those who are male-bodied but don’t identify as such have had the same feeling by being called “He.” I, for one, find “she” to be offensive and demeaning some days. Other times “he” does too.

    “Cute” is subjective. You can be cute without wearing pink and being stereotypically female. Face it, if Zeek were into anatomical males and likes all those things you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Just because he/she/ze favors the curvy female form and happens to also like being cared for and eating food you call them sexist? That makes you seem a little sexist yourself, as only the first line of what he/she/ze said was contextually clarified as being about women. When was watching football while someone cooked even mentioned? When was football even mentioned? You’re drawing random, senseless conclusions from manufactured evidence!

    This is, by far, one of the most rude, spiteful comments I’ve ever seen on Genderfork.


    Jessica replied:

    And for once, it wasn’t me who said it. :-)

    Sometimes we all get in a funk, read something and react to it. But I agree, this is a place to be kind to others, not to criticize them or try to improve them. I feel like I’m asking everyone to join in a group hug (ick).

    I’m sure Sarah will weigh in on this presently. I’m just glad to be here among friends.


  6. Keena

    You. Are. Adorable.


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