Profile: Raine

You can call me… I haven’t got a good androgynous name yet. ‘Raine’ is fine for now.

I identify as… Psychologically androgynous, skewed more towards the male than the female. I am far more comfortable as a girly boy than a girl. I usually use the term ‘genderqueer’ because not even androgynous sums it all up.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’d love to be referred to as ‘he’ or ‘him’, but I won’t make you use that.

I’m attracted to… Girlish boys and boyish girls. Transmen and transwomen. However you cross or straddle the supposed line between genders, I love it. Intelligence and kindness. Big dark eyes. People I can feel like I’m on the same page with.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Not look at my clothes. They’re my jeans, not his or her jeans. I want them to talk about me as a person, not as a curiosity.

I want people to understand… That all the boxes and stereotypes you hear and see on tv or in magazines is all made up. That I won’t be offended if you can’t figure out if I’m male or female—actually, it’d make my day. That my baggy jeans and bound chest aren’t a cry for attention, but an attempt to be honest with myself.

About Raine
I’m a 19-year-old college student majoring in Animation. I have an intense imagination, I daydream a lot, I love the smell of leather and I am addicted to caffeine. I hate math; I love art, writing, history, and world cultures. As much as I love Florida, and the people I’ve made friends with at school, I still wish I had friends like me. Every now and then I need to be reminded that I’m not wrong.

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20 Responses to “Profile: Raine”

  1. Courage

    I agree. It makes me smile when I see people trying (and failing) to figure out my sex. I think it’s HILARIOUS when women flip out at me in the ladies’ room. XD I feel like it’s a compliment, really, that what I’m doing expresses myself well.


  2. Stella

    :O Do you mind if I tell you you’re the cutest boy on the face of the earth?

    I’m jealous; you pull of androgyny way better than I can.


  3. Peter

    You’re adorable : )


  4. George Grey

    Oh, snap mate – I identify exactly the same way. Also – studying animation sounds like fun!


  5. radical/rebel

    o.O are you a Ringling student??

    I might be close to where you are if so !!!!

    some days I just can’t believe that I’m in Florida.



  6. Dane

    You are gorgeous. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.


    Jessica replied:

    Enthusiastically agree… and creative, too. Do you have any of your animation online anywhere?


  7. Cameron Joel

    I dunno about your first statement, I’d say Raine is a pretty epic androgynous name. :)


  8. Formerly Known as "GIRL"

    I feel like I can relate to so much of this.

    Every day, I feel like I straddle the gender spectrum even more than the day before. I’m all genders and no genders.

    Sometimes I just identify as “agendered”


  9. One day boyish one day fem

    You’re incredibly cute!!!!!! Ah!
    Great name, too!


  10. Poison

    You just made my dayyyyyy! ~
    You are the first person who shares the same weird orientation as me. :D girlish boys and boyish girls <3
    You're adorableeeeeee, I wish I met you.


    Anonymous replied:

    I can third this one. Word of advice: Japan is not the place for people with our interests. Plenty of girly boys, but they all want girly girls… no boyish girls around. IM DYING HERE.

    If I wasn’t so adverse to humidity I’d creepily transfer to Florida and be your androgenous wingperson ;)


  11. Ryan

    :o omg, you sound so much like me! Seriously! I’m a boi myself (not saying youare, you are what you want to be) and from what you’ve described that pretty much fits my bill. XD To top off the strange similarity between us, i have a character named Raine that I use in different projects!
    X3 you sound pretty darn awesome, i must say, and I do like your outlook on things. You’re very cute, too!


  12. reich

    psicologicamente androgina,good¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ yo tambien esa es mi genero


  13. jessepixiepants

    I love your personality raine o.o
    you look pretty


  14. Xero

    Beautiful is a word unrestrained by the concepts and implications of sex and gender. A painting is beautiful. Music is beautiful. “He” is beautiful. “She” is beautiful. You, Raine, are beautiful.


  15. Anonymous

    I honestly find you very cute and could care less about your gender :)


  16. Lissy

    You are a very lovely, cute, pretty, gorgeous boy!
    I love your big dark eyes and your soft, pretty mouth
    I’d love to make love to you

    Kisses, Lissy (a girly boy like you)


  17. Lissy

    Wish I could be your pretty feminine boyfriend
    Soft, girly kisses


  18. John

    Dear Raine, you are so lovely; I hope you find happiness in your life. Have faith in yourself; you are not wrong. I really like the things you said. “To thine own self be true” – in other words, always be honest with yourself, never delude yourself – that is the important thing.
    – Kind good wishes, John


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