Profile: Taylor

You can call me… Taylor.

I identify as… a gamer-girl transwoman.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer female pronouns.

I’m attracted to… men and women of all kinds!

When people talk about me, I want them to… speak of my character and not my gender identity.

I want people to understand… that my female identity doesn’t mean I’m all about bright colors, skirts, and dresses.

About Taylor
I’m 19 and I’ve lived full time as a female for nearly 2 months. I have been on hormones for 7 months and after the fourth month, people started to question if I was male or female. Even though I prefer people referring to me as female, it still feels good to know that people don’t see a guy in girl clothing right away. That’s usually more common with make-up, though some people prefer me without make-up (as you see in the photo).

People compliment me on how nice and polite I am but I hope those same people don’t catch the other side of me cursing at other players in video games. It’s all in fun. I tend to love everybody and I have no enemies.

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Posted by on January 2nd, 2011 at 08:00 am

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10 Responses to “Profile: Taylor”

  1. Jessica

    Young ladies also swear at video games. I know. My children and their friends not infrequently wake me at 3 AM yelling at their video games (mostly WOW).


  2. Anonymous

    You’re awesome! Way to not get sucked into stereotypes.


  3. Nikolai

    You kind of look like my MTF counterpart. :) People also get that polite impression from me, and then I go and swear and completely throw them off. It’s fun to make them do a double take.


  4. Aaryn

    That t-shirt is full of win!!


  5. risurisu

    More power to gamer-girls!


    schwuze replied:



  6. kendall

    love the shirt..makes me want to sing the katy perry parody g33ks & g4m3r girls


  7. Carrie

    Taylor – Have you ever seen The Guild? IT IS SO GOOD. As a gamer, I think you’d like it. Plus Felicia Day is fucking hot and talented, so there’s that.


  8. kendall

    the guild is awesome however, she may be more of a platform gamer, I know I am. Love everyone and have no enemies [except koopa troopas]


  9. Dax

    I LOVE your t-shirt.


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