Happy MTF Butch

Submitted by Jo-I-Dunno, the model and photographer.

“I was born and raised a boy but always knew that wasn’t quite right. Once I hit age 18 I started taking female hormones to transform my body into that of a woman. I hoped hormones alone would make me a woman to the world but that hasn’t quite happened yet. Most people still see me as a boy (albeit a young one with smooth skin and a strangely feminine figure), and for now I’m okay with that.

I’ve tried dressing like a woman and wearing makeup, but I hated it! That’s not who I am. It never will be.

I hope one day I’ll look and sound enough like a woman that people see me as one despite my masculine fashion and personality, but until then, I’m enjoying all the stages in-between.”

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Posted by on November 19th, 2013 at 10:00 am

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13 Responses to “Happy MTF Butch”

  1. Stella

    Wow that’s such a cool identity! That’s awesomely unique and I love it.


  2. Valex

    I love your smile :) How can someone not get into a better mood after looking at this pic?!


  3. Anonymous

    That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re growing into who you are. I know getting mistaken for a boy can be really frustrating, and in many regards there’s no getting around that, but I know a few faab butch women who also get annoyed over being often mistaken for a guy, so at least in that aspect, you’re not alone. Keep on keeping on!


  4. Anonymous

    You rock on wit your bad self


  5. radical/rebel

    you look like a beautiful, happy, confident, butch to me!! hats off to you, friend.

    radical genders and radical self-determination,


  6. Jo-I-Dunno

    All your comments are making me smile even more! Thank you!


  7. Andrea B

    Great smile, lots of positive vibes!


  8. ian

    this femme-ish trans guy is happy to see you happy :)


  9. Taegan

    This made my day better, thank you! I’m in much the same space right now, so good seeing someone celebrating it!


    Jo-I-Dunno replied:

    Hi Taegan! I’m curious: if you care to elaborate your being-in-the-same-spaceness, please come visit my site, http://www.mtfbutch.com/. Being one of the few butch transwomen I’ve ever known of can get lonely; I’m always looking for others in a similar boat.


  10. Haley

    I thought you mistyped MTF, and really meant FTM. You look female to me. :) Also you’re very cute, and your style looks very natural on you~


  11. Jane

    You’re natural and beautiful :)


  12. Raindog

    I am mtf butch as well.

    The thought of being mistaken as a tansmale with voice lessons often excites me. Because if I can be mistaken for that it means i can easily be mistaken as female… Well I…. Well maybe mistaken for female is wrongly put, I am female. More so I guess I was trying to say pass as female. Lol.


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