Summer Camp

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“Over the past three years, photographer Lindsay Morris has been documenting a four-day camp for gender nonconforming boys and their parents.”

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5 Responses to “Summer Camp”

  1. Callista

    D’awww, look at that little cutie! :) Ten years old, or so?


  2. Anonymous

    “Gender non-com forming boys” –so they still box them in by calling them boys and leave out gender non-conforming “girls”?

    I mean, great camp and all, but…


    Callista replied:

    Maybe most (all?) of them do identify as boys? It’s probably more common for a cis boy to like sparkly silver dresses than it is for “him” to turn out to actually be a girl… so by the sheer odds, they’d mostly be boys, I think.

    Also there’s the problem of it being more stigmatized to transgress against the male norm. It’s not considered so bad for a “girl” to like “boy” things; the term “tomboy” usually gets applied and it’s not really that mean a term. But when someone assumed to be male likes “girl” things, it’s almost like people feel threatened by it, like they have to attack and drive them out, or force them to be more masculine, or abuse them to try to make them tougher.

    Not to discount the problems faced by non-traditional females and trans guys; they’re there, they’re real, but it’s a different experience from the harsh social enforcement of the male norm.


    shaedofblue replied:

    Fem trans boys are just as effected by the harsh social enforcement of the male norm as fem cis boys.


  3. Anonymous

    I hope they do more than dress up. I mean, clothes are an important part of exploring ones gender, but that’s something that doesn’t fully utilize the wonderful resource they all have there– eachother. Here’s a great opportunity to build community and confidence in GNC kidlets. The article I read on the camp focused solely on the outfits, though that is likely a sign of it having been written by a cis person who isn’t familiar with gender nonconformity. So it’s awesome that they get to play dressup, but my hopes are they do other stuff too. I can’t imagine any little kid enjoying a day let alone a week of just one activity.


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