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Question: Chest Reconstruction Surgery

Question: Breast Removal Surgery

WolfieKate asks…

I am a 45 year old lady who is, in the main, happy with my lot in life! I am happily married and have 2 great kids. However my life has been affected for the last 30 years in that I have suffered dysphoric reactions to my breasts since puberty. I am OK with being female, just not a very clear female. I think the lines here are vague, I am happy being female but I don’t identify with much that is female culturally or physically especially my chest. Since they grew they have felt completely wrong, like alien objects grafted to me.

I have had counselling galore and I take medication to make me less unhappy. But none of it works. I am so tired of my chest affecting my life so much. It would be so nice to be free. At 45 I feel as if I deserve a break!

I want to find UK surgeon willing to do a chest reconstruction to remove my breasts. If I were looking for a full FTM change it appears this would be possible eventually but as a woman who wants to stay a woman but no breasts apparently it’s just tough. I feel so frustrated. As if society has decided for me that if I am female I must have breasts! I do not know what to do and at my age I am not willing to back down. Does anyone have experience of how I can start approaching this with surgeons or the NHS. Thanks!

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Someone wrote…

I wrote an article recently and was asked to include a short bio about myself. I chose my words carefully and supplied a bio without using pronouns. For some reason, the editor changed it anyway and the published result identified me using gendered pronouns.

I decided not to raise it with the editor, but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. How do I really want people to see me? I don’t like the assumptions that come with being assigned/presumed female, but if it wasn’t for the assumptions … maybe I wouldn’t mind being identified as female? I guess it’s impossible to know, since gender roles are so deeply ingrained in our culture and how people treat each other. And on top of that, I guess I still feel apprehensive about being very public about identifying as genderqueer, hence my circuitous route of trying to avoid pronouns rather than just choosing ‘they’ or similar.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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Question: Halting Biology

Monster asks…

I’m a FAAB gendermixed/transqueer and I just can’t deal with getting periods anymore. I can’t keep this up, the regression back into a depressed pit of gender dysphoria every month, then re-learning how to build myself back up.

Going on T isn’t an option.

Going on pills or shots that will trick my body into thinking I’m pregnant isn’t an option. (because enhanced feminine features is the last thing that will make the dysphoria go away)

Are there other alternatives?

Thanks so much. So greatly appreciated! :D

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