Question: What label to use for my gender?

Zader asks…

YO! Ok, so I’ve been just using the term “non-binary” although it is an umbrella term because I’m not sure what my actual gender is. I’ve been thinking about either demiboy or demifluid? I was born with female anatomy, but I’m not a girl. At all. How I describe it is that I’m fluid between a boy and an agender. That’s mainly what it is, I think. So, can anyone help me figure out what term works for me? I’m not exactly sure what to call myself as of now, and I’d really like to find a label that fits!

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Posted by on May 2nd, 2017 at 08:00 am

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  1. Anonymous

    1) Nonbinary labels are being created all the time, feel free to create your own if you don’t like the ones you see; you can always change it later.
    2) Try on Mascfluid for size: A gender that is fluid in nature, and restricted only to masculine genders. Alternatively manfluid or boyfluid.
    3) Perhaps Mascflux/manflux/boyflux: A gender where one feels mostly or all male most of the time but experiences fluctuating intensities of male identity.
    4) If you are torn between 2 and 3, you can even do Mascfluidflux / manfluidflux / boyfluidflux.
    5) This genderfluidsupport tumblr page has a long list on different labels that might inspire you as well; it also includes many non-fluid genders for others who are interested in labels.


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