List of Unisex Names

Wikipedia has a pretty impressive list of unisex names available for your perusal. For inclusion, each name must fit at least one of these criteria:

  • have originated as a unisex name (e.g., Abijah).
  • have multiple origins as both a masculine and feminine name (e.g., Alva).
  • have been used significantly at some point in the past or present as a name for both males and females (e.g., Tristan).
  • be used as a nickname for both masculine and feminine names (e.g., Chris).
  • be otherwise significant in a historical context as a unisex name (e.g., Zooey).

Many of the names on the list, surprisingly, don’t strike me as unisex. But maybe my worldview is small. That’s been proven to be the case more than once in the past.

Source: Wikipedia: Unisex Name

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3 Responses to “List of Unisex Names”

  1. camille warren

    is Jasper a unisex name?.. cause i have female puppy and i’d like to name her Jasper


    tigr replied:

    Personally, I’d say it’s more of a masculine name — but that does not at all mean you couldn’t or shouldn’t name your puppy that, female or not! I’m all for more girls with “boy’s” names and vice versa :>


  2. tigr

    Update to the post:

    While there is no longer any list of unisex names contained in the Wikipedia article linked above (because it “was original research”…), the list can still be found in, e.g., this old version.


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