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Meanwhile, back in Soviet Leigh’s Ideal world… (Not really Soviet) Everyone can wear or do whatever they like in terms of femme, butch, masculine or feminine behaviours. They can alter their bodies surgically or cosmetically. They can mix it up, improvise, create new forms, whatever. And nobody raises an eyebrow. Whether they have external or internal reproductive organs is no more significant that if they have an inny or an outy for a belly button. You can be totally feminine, should you wish, and have a penis and that’s not even something people think of as incongruent. Everyone is what we call Transgender, but they don’t, if you are masculine and have a penis that’s just coincidence. Tomorrow you might change you mind and dig out your femmy box of clothes from the wardrobe and wear those for a bit. And then you might get bored and go back to your stretch dress over cargo pants style, but you keep the lipstick because it’s mint flavoured and puckering it takes your mind off smoking.

And marvelously when it comes to the one you fall for it turns out people actually don’t mind playing with genitals much the same as their own. People have a preference, but sex isn’t everything and people generally get by. People who really don’t like their genitals can get them changed by surgery, but most people don’t feel the need. Those who do don’t really get comments, just as today no one comments if you have pierced ears or an appendix scar. Some people menstruate and can get pregnant. Those who don’t and can’t might be considered luckier but that’s all. It has nothing to do with how you are allowed to behave, what jobs you can do or what you are expected to look like.

What’s your ideal world look like?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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