I’m still myself.

Someone wrote…

I want my queer radical friends to understand that I’m carving out a space for myself in femme and that it’s just as much work and questioning as the identity I claimed before, that femme is a queer performance of gender.

Please trust my agency. I haven’t capitulated–I’m still myself, and I love it.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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2 Responses to “I’m still myself.”

  1. yolei

    I really appreciate comments like these, expecially here on genderfork! I identified as femme for the last two years and often felt as if other queers wouldn’t really accept me. I claimed this identity when I was just sixteen years old, so in addition, people also thought I was just too young to truly know what it means to identify as femme.
    this time of my life definitely taught me not to assume one’s identity due to hir outter appearance.

    these days, I identify as neither femme (or feminine, or female) nor anything else anymore… well, I do feel really androgynous most of the time, but I don’t regard it as an identity. to me, it’s more the lack of a (static) gender identity. I still put on the same clothes and act in the same way as in the last two years. I don’t see why I shouldn’t put on the clothes I like just because society thinks that most of them are ‘girly’.


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for that, yolei! It took so long for me to realize that I was limiting myself when I told myself I could only wear “girly” clothes when I went out with certain friends, that I wasn’t “girly” enough to wear earrings on a regular day.

    I don’t feel like I have a static identity either. I am much more about exploration & fluidity.


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