Intended gender of clothing.

Someone wrote…

I told my boyfriend I wear “guy jeans” because they are more comfortable and have nice big pockets. He was satisfied with that answer, but I wasn’t.

I finally realized that I intentionally wear them because they are made for males. But does this make me a gender rebel, or just someone who cares more about the intended gender of clothing than she would like to admit?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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10 Responses to “Intended gender of clothing.”

  1. Nine

    I don’t know the answer … but I do that too.


  2. Avery

    So do I.


  3. Anonymous

    Funny, I started wearing “girl jeans” because the material fit better and they were more stylish — and, well, I just liked them more than guy jeans in general. But figuring out sizing for girl jeans was a real pain…


  4. AJ

    I started wearing boys jeans as a way to dip my toes into the water of passing as a boy. And they were comfortable, so I just kept wearing them. Some days it’s an act of defiance, wearing what I’m not supposed to wear as a way to flip off the gender binary I’m surrounded with. And sometimes…it’s because they’re clean and on the top of the laundry pile.


  5. Lanthir

    I started wearing boy pants because I hadn’t found any girl pants that fit me the way I like in years. I hadn’t even *owned* a single pair of pants in about two years, actually.
    So, I started wearing boy pants well before I realized that I’m a lesbian, or started dressing in drag on occasion, and *long* before I figured out that I’m gender queer.


  6. Heather

    I work in a jewellery and clothing shop and get really irritated when people ask me, “is this ring/necklace/shirt for a man or a woman?” My opinion is that the question is the answer, really. I always smile politely and say, “they’re unisex.”


  7. Anonymous

    For the first time I went shopping with my mother and had the full upstairs/downstairs experience: going downstairs to get clothes and then upstairs to try them on in the women’s dressing room. I was too afraid to use the men’s dressing room. I thought everyone would make a fuss and I feel so fragile these days.

    Anyway, I’ve been wearing male clothes and playing around with trying to pass, but every so often I get frustrated and think about “giving up” and going back to dresses and lacy underwear and cleavage-baring shirts, though I would miss the comfort.


  8. Woman Clothes

    Definitely worth reading. Considering all of the blogs I have been to here’s a website that is imho the best article regarding Intended gender of clothing. — Genderfork I’ve found. This site has helpful posts. Thanks.


  9. Naomi

    I wore baggy girls’ pants when I was younger (like Jncos). Around age 14, I started wearing tight girls’ pants because I thought they would help me fit in better (they didn’t). I’m still kind of used to tight pants, but I’m starting to wear some baggy pants again, including mens’ pants. My androgyny seems to mess with people’s heads, but it’s just natural to me. I’m a genderqueer, not a genderfucker.


  10. Anonymous

    I have taken to wearing tight girl jeans even when not presenting female (I wear more decorated girl jeans when it’s girl day), and instead of transphobia, I get made fun of for being an emo kid. Is that a win or a loss?


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