Proud and Bound

004 – bound, originally uploaded by kypri.

Posted by on November 20th, 2009 at 10:00 am

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16 Responses to “Proud and Bound”

  1. abigail

    Very cute. :) I still need to get mine


  2. Billie

    I thought we had an Ace bandage laying around somewhere, but apparently not. So I guess I’ll be buying a binder. Any recommendations?


  3. alix

    I approve heartily of your choice in band shirts. Empires ftw. :D


  4. kyprieth

    I was using two thick elastic waistbelts to bind in that picture. I still need to get a binder. :(

    Thanks for the compliments! (Yay Empires <3)


  5. Sara

    Looks way good! Your choise of binding materials sounds creative :D

    Also, awesome Empires shirt!


  6. Ajay

    Lol thats adorable. I use Ace.


  7. Dorian

    vey nice, and cute as hell. you also look alot like someone i used to know. ever spend time in MD?


  8. Jack

    I love your hat. I am a big hat fan and that it a pretty awesome hat. You look really good in that picture.

    @Billie: My binder is a t-kingdom binder. I recommend them to anybody wanting to bind (and some of my friends are probably pretty fed up of it by now). They can be expensive but they are so comfy. They also have a helpful bit on their website that explains what binders are better for bigger breasts or smaller breasts as well as where to measure to check you’re buying the right size. I bought one of the t shirt style binders and I’m thinking of buying a second one so I can bind twice as often.


  9. Mel

    I use ace bandages, but they constantly slide down…any suggestions?
    Nice picture by the way. =]


  10. Adisson

    I personally use an Underworks TriTop. I’ve tried Tkingdom before, but they barely bound down my Bcups. And the stitching fell apart after a few uses (I’ve since stitched it back up, and it is pulling duty as my backup binder). The TKingdom are damn comfortable, but insofar as actual binding power, Underworks seems to be the way to go from what I can tell.



  11. genderkid

    Mel, I use cotton bandages and I used to have the same problem. Now, I always wear a sports bra on top and attach it to the bandage with safety pins. (If using any kind of bra makes you queasy, you could simply attach straps to the bandages.)

    By the way, have you tried to use cotton, rather than Ace, bandages? I don’t want to preach here, but Ace ones can be dangerous. I’ve never tried them, but cotton works well for me, and it allows me to breath comfortably.


  12. Jack

    Maybe I’ll look into an underworks binder for my next one then. Might be a plan to have a bit of variety so I can see which ones suit my needs best.


  13. Andy

    I have an underworks binder and it is fantastic. It loosens a bit as I wear it more but as soon as I wash/pop it in the dryer it shrinks right back up again.

    The biggest thing is buying according to your size, and making sure that you talk to other bois with similar sizes so you can get an idea of what works for your type.

    Ace bandages are really bad for your ribs…I ended up injuring myself pretty badly when I was 15, so I’d recommend biting the bullet and getting a binder so you don’t mess with your back for life.

    ps you are a cutie.


  14. Meike

    Just found this picture–so cute! @kyprieth: your binding method sounds creative, could you give me any suggestions or tips? I’m trying to exhaust all other options before going to Ace or binders.


  15. Quince

    I read an article that binding can push your ribs into your lungs and heart and can be very dangerous. They said underworks hurt your body too. I thought I’d say something just in case.


  16. Adisson

    Quince- Yes, Binding has its risks. But that’s only if you’re pushing your body too far. If you have a larger chest, you aren’t going to be able to get flat. Some guys push themselves too far. Also, if you’re binding improperly, ie using an ACE bandage, you run a greater risk of shifting. Underworks can hurt when you first get them. make sure you’re sizing yourself properly. It is a very small risk that such things will happen though. I’ve been using my underworks for over a year and I’ve had no shifting.



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