Thank you, Jakk!

And so it goes when they’re rocking academia and doing gratuitous oodles of crazy wonderful things… sometimes volunteers have to pare down their commitments and move on to that next fierce post for changing the world.

Thus, we’re sad to announce that Jakk, one of our devoted photo curators (who’s been on staff since I first cried “Help me!” last December, 2008) is stepping down.


Photo Curator

adrift somewhere in the sea of college academia, jakk is agendered with some happily displayed masculine and feminine qualities for flair. gender pronouns aren’t a big deal for him, and she’ll answer to “she”, “he” and “xe/ze”. xe’s first loves will always be writing and reading, but he also has a thing for wrestling, and artmaking (of any sort), and all things glam, drag, or burlesque. and maybe she dreams of growing up to be the next amanda palmer meets dr. frank-n-furter meets ziggy stardust.

Jakk’s been blogging these photos.

That was a good solid ten months, Jakk, in which you trudged out into the world and found dozens and dozens of gorgeous, interesting gender variant portraits and brought them back like shiny pennies in your palms, offering them to our blog engine with a big excited grin, whispering, “Here.”

We’re happy that your life is full and thriving, we thank you from the bottom of our queerdo hearts for your service, and we wish you all the best on your journey ahead.


p.s. You can always see who our amazing volunteers are over here.

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2 Responses to “Thank you, Jakk!”

  1. Zory

    Thanks so much for all the awesome pictures you brought to genderfork Jakk and in addition, thanks so much for telling me about genderfork, it has had a huge impact on me! Good luck on your journey, and don’t be a stranger. <3


  2. Jak

    Thank you my lovely for all your work and I wish you the best of luck ^_^


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