Can’t wait.

Someone wrote…

I can’t wait to button up your blazer over my breasts, slip on my slacks, spritz on some cologne, pin up my hair, and escort you to prom like a proper gentleman. You in your pink hat with the sparkles, both of us looking downright dapper as we each battle the binary, hand in hand. Can’t wait to dance with you.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on July 2nd, 2010 at 08:00 am

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13 Responses to “Can’t wait.”

  1. Tamar

    This is fantastic! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful prom. :D


  2. Sean

    This makes me smile so hard. :) I applaud you, and I hope you have a fun prom.


  3. Keanan

    I hope you and your date have an awesome time. Gender-bending at prom is awesome.


  4. A

    This reminds me of my prom. I am a female-bodied person who wore a suit and never felt more dapper in my life. Have a great time, dance like a maniac, and take LOTS of pictures. =)


  5. Keanan

    Ditto all of A’s comment.

    On another note (not to take away from the OP, sorry)- It would be awesome if we could get a thumbs up button so when we wanted to agree to a comment we didn’t have to actually say it and risk possibly spamming or clogging the comment section. Thanks.


  6. A

    Oooh, I agree with Keanan! (And also have proven their point. =D)


  7. J.D.

    Never made it to my prom, but had to threaten my school in order to get them to let me take my girlfriend to Homecoming and wear a suit. In the end it all worked out and I even got to wear a suit at graduation. Funny part was, outside the faculty nobody really cared. I even danced with a few other girls there who didn’t give a crud what gender I was. Best time I had all year. Good luck, have a blast, and dance like crazy!


  8. Anonymous

    This sounds absolutely gorgeous. Have a fantastic time!


  9. Jessica

    Never went to a prom. But I’d go with you, if you asked me.


  10. CJ

    Have a blast! I bet that the two of you will look fantastic together :) I wish that I had’ve done this for my prom as well, but the university formals were fun enough while in a suit.


  11. Sarah-Sophia

    Ohh that’s freaking awesome.
    I am to young for prom. But when I do go, for my junior prom I want to wear a suit. For my senior prom I’m going to wear a dress and a tie.


  12. Anonymous

    Haha, lucky! I wasn’t allowed to, by either my Mum or my school. I didn’t push it much, though.
    I am majorly jealous. Hope it was fantastic.


  13. Nomad

    15 years ago my ftm friend was forced by family and school to wear a dress to our all-girl school prom. I had never seem him look so uncomfortable.
    I’m so glad things are changing in most places, and the more people like you who exercise their right to express themselves, the better it gets!


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