Would you like to help us create some Forums around here?

Update 3/27/10:
Woah! Lots of people signed up!

We’re closing this invitation for now, but the forums will be available to everyone as soon as we can manage. Talk to you then! And thanks for your interest!

Maybe you’ve noticed that our little underground blog has been starting to burst at the seams — we sure as hell have. There are a lot of you! About 1200 of you a day! (Hi! We’re so glad you’re here!)

And you can imagine what our submission piles look like right now. Again, we’re sorry if you’ve sent us stuff and haven’t seen it published. But having been listening to you quite a bit, I’m also learning that getting published, most of the time, isn’t really the point. The point is self-expression, identity exploration, and finding support.

We think our daily publication is awesome as-is, and we don’t want to mess with it. But we also want to give you a better way to talk to each other, because all this connecting is really freaking important. So our plan is to build a community forum (aka a message board) — separate from the blog but still at Genderfork.com — for open discussion.

If you’ve ever been an active member of an internet forum, you know that this is a pretty significant undertaking. There’s a lot to consider around what we want to encourage and what we want to discourage. We want your input on those decisions.

So! If you want us to create a Genderfork Forum, and you’d like to help us decide how it would be most awesome, please sign up for this discussion list:

Sign-Up Removed.
Discussion Group is Full! Thank you!

We’d really love your help.

What will happen next…

We’re going to wait until early next week before we start this discussion, so that more people will have time to get on the list first.  This means that after you join, nothing will happen for a few days (and if you try to talk, the system won’t let you).  Just sit tight — we’ll send out a discussion kick-off email when we think it’s time to start.

Then… once we’re talking, we’ll collaboratively pin down things like:

– What should the discussion categories be in the forum?
– What are our moderation guidelines?

And a bunch of other stuff.

And when we’re ready to create the forums, the people on this discussion list will be invited as the first members.  Your job will be to just start talking, and to set the tone for everyone else.

Want in? Just sign up above.

Thanks and love,
Sarah Dopp
Founder of Genderfork

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10 Responses to “Would you like to help us create some Forums around here?”

  1. Meike

    I would love to join this, but first I need to create a Google Account–does this cost money?

  2. Sarah Dopp


    Nope — google accounts are free. And I’m pretty sure you can associate it with whatever email address you want.

  3. Meike

    Sweet, thanks!

  4. nick

    This is a fantastic idea! I’m making a google account right now.

  5. M/Mark

    Well, I’m excited!

  6. Marcyme

    I’m very excited for this!! I hope to help anyway I can. I have always felt a little out of place on cd and ts forums. To a large degree they are still bianary. The community here understands the bianary is false.

  7. Jack

    I am extremely excited for this to happen! Looking forward to hopefully being able to help out too.

  8. Jay

    This is great! I’ve joined the list and hope I’ll be able to help even a little bit. (And I’d forgotten that I’d had a Google account… *g*)

  9. Claudia

    Thank you for doing this, Sarah! So excited! :)

  10. Sarah Dopp

    Closing this thread just cuz it seems to be attracting spammers.

    Forums are still in development, fyi. They’re happening. Just slowly. :)

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