Facing my fears and finding joy.

Someone wrote…

I like boots— always have. I’ve been accused of “stomping around” in them, of being un-ladylike. I have kept a pair of Blundstones for years without wearing them much, so as to avoid “stomping.” They were in the back of my closet, gathering dust. The more aware I become of how I have pushed down my gender noncomformity in my life so far, the more I wear those boots. Now I want ten more pairs of boots— with steel toes, with worn leather, with buckles and heavy soles. Stomping is just a part of being the real me. Wearing non-girly boots = facing my fears and finding joy.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on March 31st, 2010 at 08:00 am

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10 Responses to “Facing my fears and finding joy.”

  1. Adisson

    Boots rock! I just bought a new pair of jump boots. Congrats on finding your joy again! :D


  2. Shayne

    i LOVE my Blundstones! i wear them everywhere. to school, shopping, driving, and they’re also my riding boots (i ride horses)! I also have these “butt kickers” as my friends like to call them, because they’re so clunky. haha. boots = love, so good on you for pulling yours out again!!


  3. Lanthir

    I salute you, and your stompy-boots!


  4. Fiona

    Gaun yersel, you sound like my sister.


  5. Jay

    Yay for boots! My favourite footwear is all boots, plus one pair of hiking shoes. Go you. ^^


  6. Alaina

    This is great. A testimony to the power of clothing.

    and three cheers for boots AND stomping!


  7. Anonymous

    Boots and gender bending go hand-in-hand (foot?) for me; a certain radical queer and their ass-kicking boots (over itty-bitty feet) has permenantly entwined the two in my mind.


  8. Taylor Trash

    I have more pairs of stompy boots than I can count. I remember in high school paring my grease covered workboots with a pink Little House on the Prairie-esque dress I bought from Goodwill. I love paring the ultra-masculine with the ultra-femme.


  9. Len

    I love boots! Got two pairs of Steel Boots Rock Style, even wore them to prom. ;D


  10. Poet

    I’ll trade you my stompy boots for chic boots any day you ask!


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