Little moment of zen.

Cecil wrote…

I was very angry one morning as I went to home room. People were just fantastically ignorant, it seemed, and the world was falling down. While I was sitting there in my own little bubble of anger, I caught sight of something. Leg hair. My teacher’s leg hair. My beautiful, “feminine” teacher doesn’t shave her legs. Just like me. At that moment, all of my anger left me, and my faith in humankind came back to me. It was like a little moment of zen.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on March 29th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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12 Responses to “Little moment of zen.”

  1. Rebecca/Beck

    That made me smile. Thank you for sharing that. :)


  2. J

    I’ve had moments like that too. It’s nice to know there are people out there with some sanity left in them.


  3. colleen

    That’s awesome! Claps for your teacher! : )


  4. Karen

    I’ve never thought of my leg hair as being comforting or inspiring to others. I just worry about what people will think. This summer, I’m going to push myself to not worry, and instead think about how I might be making one other person’s bad day just a little better.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)


  5. epinards

    Very beautiful. I bet that every person on this website has created a beautiful moment for another human being, just by being themselves, without even knowing it.

    Julian thank you for helping us tune in to the way we unconsciously allow others space to be, when we give ourselves that space.


  6. Gabriel

    I absolutely love this. Keep on, dahling :)


  7. Mando

    Nice. :) May we all cling to such moments of quiet revelation… the way leg hair clings to a leg. Cheers.


  8. Andrew

    I remember when I found out one of my teachers was queer and had a genderqueer partner. She was projecting something from her laptop and her desktop picture was her and her partner on the beach, and somebody in the class called out “woah, is that a dude or a chick?” and my teacher said “That is my partner, and that is also none of your business.” But the kid persisted and she finally said “my partner doesn’t identify as a man or a woman.” I sat in the back of the room grinning away behind my hand while the rest of the students sat there baffled or being jerks. It was great.


  9. Sarah-Sophia

    Wow, that’s amazing.
    I’ve never thought about how much I hate shaving my legs…
    I’m to scared to not do it though.
    I’d feel so much better if I didn’t.
    It’d make me feel more like a boy… but I’m to scared. :/


  10. PS

    Leg hair is the one thing I’m really fearful about. Summer is coming and I want so badly not to shave my legs and still wear shorts but I am really afraid. My leg hair is long and very noticeable, and I am afraid what people will say. I usually don’t care what anyone says about me, but this is different, for some reason.

    I am going to try and build up the courage to wear shorts with unshaved legs this summer.


  11. epinards

    me too PS. I will be thinking of you as I try to resist the impulse to shave my legs.


  12. j-bird

    PS and epinards: me three! having leg and underarm hair makes me feel whole again.


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