“Rediscovery” submitted by Danielle, the model and photographer.

“I just cut all of my hair off the other day. It was originally down to my shoulders. Being bisexual i wanted to become something different. I keep on feeling like this person who doesn’t know what she wants. Cutting my hair was a really big step for me because this is one of my first steps to becoming something new and discovering the other side to my sexuality.  I know it really doesn’t matter how long your hair is or how you dress that defines that, but now i feel like me, i feel good.”

Posted by on May 23rd, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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13 Responses to “Rediscovery”

  1. Sarah-Sophia

    I’d really like to show this to my parents.
    I’ve been trying to get them to allow me to cut my hair short… and my mom keeps saying no. But just maybe… If I showed them this they’d understand.


  2. J.D.

    I know what you mean- although it , like you said, “doesn’t really matter how long your hair is”, etc., cutting my hair short and starting to dress more androgynously have both been important steps in helping me figure out what being queer means to me. I do miss the old length sometimes, but at the same time I feel more like ‘myself’ now then I ever have before…


  3. MYX

    I am (hopefully) about to do the same thing – maybe my mom will let me this time!


  4. Jessica

    My partner tells me that my hair looks like shit whenever it gets longer… “some people can’t grow long hair.” I keep wanting my hair to be longer, but I am afraid ze might be right. Just another thing to be dissatisfied about my body. I’m too old to worry about what other people think about how I look. Compared to anyone half my age, I am serenely confident I look like shit, so it doesn’t really matter.


  5. Tori

    one word, “beautiful”


  6. :~)

    I kinda know what u mean, as i cut my hair, i had this feeling like i was exactly who i wanted to be at that exact point in my life. for the first time, there wasn’t a single thing that i wanted to change about myself, i was just me. silly what a haircut can do huh? lol


  7. Tamworth

    it’s weird, ‘cos the same sort of thing happened with me. like, the shorter my hair got, the massively queerer I got. First there was the chopping hair from really long to a chin-length bob, and then I discovered my bi-ness. Then I got a haircut a bit shorter and realized I was probably wayyy more towards the gay side. Then I got a total dyke pixie-cut and WHOOP there went my cisgirlness. I think if I shave my head I’ll end up being so gay I’ll shit rainbows.


  8. Jessica

    Once, when hitchhiking, I got dropped in the middle of nowhere and got picked up by a guy who took me right to the Sacramento airport (my destination) which was the nice part. The not nice part was his creepy discussion with me about how people receive power through their hair. He said you had to have short (like his flat top) hair to get the energy. I almost asked him if having longer hair (I had long hair then) just meant you’d get a different wavelength, but I was really trying not to excite the man and I was really, really glad to get out of his car.


  9. Regen

    Once, about a year ago, I just grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped my hair off so it was just down to my ears. It had been down past my butt. My mom had a fit, but i finally felt like me. And there wasn’t really anything she could do about it, was there?


  10. Tee

    Same here. :) I cut my hair off New Year 2009. It’s short ever since. I cut it b/c I wanted to look like (not be, mind you) a boy. I wore boy’s clothes all my life (still do) and some even mistook me for a guy with my hair long. XD Soo…long story short, I went and got it cut. Androgynous-style since my mom and hairdresser wouldn’t let me have a boy’s style. My ftm stage had already passed, but I still keep it short. It’s amusing when I walk to the women’s restroom and people stare at me as if I don’t belong there. And I don’t mind now (used to) so it should be pretty obvious. XD Ahh, the joys of being androgynous. :D


  11. Cat

    I felt something similar when I cut my hair after having the same haircut my entire life, as if I shed a bunch of baggage with my hair…but I actually really want to grow my hair out in the not-so-distant future since I’ve never had it long. Sure it’ll be harder to be androgynous, but I see it as kind of a fun challenge (wearing 18th-century-dandy period clothing, which I hopefully can make a decent DIY version of, is going to be awesome as its being a masculinity that is now seen as feminine is delightfully genderfuck), plus I want to explore my kook-femme side that I’ve suppressed for a long time. And then after a while I’ll cut it again for charity, since I’ve always wanted to do that. Basically, that first haircut I mentioned made me never want to get into a stylistic rut again, and I want to confound people forever now.


  12. Naomi

    I second all the comments about feeling more like yourself after cutting your hair and dressing more androgynously. I feel a lot more comfortable now without even realizing I was uncomfortable before.

    It’s weird, because before, I didn’t feel like I was presenting all that femme. But now that I look back on old pictures, I seemed really femme. And when I present like that now, I often feel like I’m in drag. And I feel uncomfortable going out in public because I don’t want people to assume things about my gender that aren’t true (I also tend to get hit on by creepy old men a lot).


  13. Essie

    youre so cute! yah im bisexual and i love dressing guyish but my long hair is what confuses people and its my favorite part.


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