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On forms, I don’t check male or female. I write “sometimes” above both.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on July 6th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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15 Responses to “Sometimes.”

  1. Anonymous

    I love you!


  2. Bek

    This is brilliant.


  3. Sarah-Sophia

    I like to circle them and write “All of the above” next to it.


  4. Meike

    If only I had the courage to do so…kudos to you!


  5. Avery

    ten points!


  6. Jessica

    Reminds me of Chico Marx being asked, “Would you like whiskey or a cocktail, Sir?” and he replied, of course, “OK.” Dorothy Parker was sitting across from him. When she was asked “Would you like a whiskey or a cocktail, madam?” She replied, “Yes, please.”

    My partner always write in “Homo Sapiens” under Race.

    I like your “Sometimes” very much, too.


  7. Logan

    I circle both aswell! And if ‘Transgender’ is an option I circle that also. Oh the awesome. :)


  8. Anonymous

    Brilliant, that’s my new favorite.
    I’ll occasionally write underneath the options “Decisions, decisions…”


  9. kendall

    About 3 years ago, before I was out as even a dyke I had to take a course and they had you fill out an application and I had left it blank, as a social experiment because my friend had come out as trans recently, and I thought, he is struggling with bathrooms on a nongovernment form I wonder what would happen if I left it blank as protest? And she was going over it with me and was like doodoodooo…oh…you didnt fill out sex, well you’re certainly not a boy…hahahah
    It legimately hurt my feelings because I hadn’t thought of myself as trans yet, but I did think YOU JUST MET ME, YOU DON’T KNOW ME! I still leave it blank sometimes. I’m a boi not a boy usually but a girl never.


  10. J.D.

    I was recently filling out a survey at my college orientation and I wrote in the word “Other” and checked it. I didn’t realize how many other people did similar things! More power to you!


  11. Jay

    Awesome! Go you. :D


  12. Nora/Aaron/Misty/Cow

    I’m going to start doing this. I have in the past just left it blank but I like this more.


  13. shey

    love it!

    i usually leave that part of a questionnaire blank, or make a box of my own stating that i dont align myself with either of those terms, so id be giving out incorrect/false information if i participate in that section of the questionnaire.

    : )

    btw –

    i recently encountered a form where the options under the section ‘birth sex’ were: Male, Female, Intersex, Other, or Decline.

    i was so relieved that i had finally found a form that first of all, separated ‘birth sex’ from ‘gender identity/expression’, and two, that understood ‘sex’ as more than two binary organs…i think i might have cried.

    it was the first time EVER in a form, that I could actually acknowledge myself.

    : )


  14. Anonymous

    @shey That’s incredible! It’s nice to see those options. Unfortunately, I mostly only see them for lgbt related things or certain psychology questionnaires.

    I hate it on online forms where they require you to pick. Really? Is that really necessary for your corporation to work?

    I mostly stopped on this post because of something I do in conversation. Not only am I bigender, but I’m pretty careless with pronouns and gender-orientated phrases. So when someone nit-picky replies with “but you’re a girl!”, I’ve gotten into habit of smiling and replying with “sometimes”. :)


  15. Kitty

    I resented our LGBT of all places asking us “Gay / Straight ?” on the sign up paper at freshers, so I circled the / and the ? :)


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