Sorry, Mummy.

Someone wrote…

I have a random childhood memory of my mum taking me to the hairdressers’. I remember the hairdresser saying to mum: “What I can’t stand more than anything is when girls go ’round looking like boys!”

“Oh, I agree!” replied Mum.

…Sorry, Mummy.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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12 Responses to “Sorry, Mummy.”

  1. nick

    So.. hairdresser: what you can’t stand more than anything is how someone else chooses to look?
    get some priorities.


  2. Lanthir

    You know what I can stand? People who don’t respect other people’s free will and right to self expression and identification.
    This makes me so sad and angry.


  3. alix

    That reminds me of the time, a few years ago, I went to the hairdresser’s, and she refused to give me an androgynous cut. She told my mom after, “Well, I wasn’t going to cut it any more masculine than that,” although I hated the hair-cut.

    My mom had been getting her hair cut by this woman for six months, and never went back. She took me to the barber’s shop the next day.

    Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you.


  4. Cassie

    Wow. Major eye roll. What a close-minded belief.


  5. Claudius Maximus

    My mom has had short hair for as long as I can remember, but when I cut my hair short 5 years ago she go mad and angry. I was like wait a minute you have short hair, why can I have short hair?

    My hair is shorter and more masculine looking than hers. I can see where me going “’round looking like a boy” gets on her nerves, but is my hair and I can cut it however I want.


  6. Lauren

    I shaved my head a few weeks ago. Best hair decision I have ever made. My mother wasn’t terribly pleased, but she lets me go about things my own way most of the time. Then a few days ago a couple middle school boys had a very loud, pointed conversation about whether I was male or female. I was terribly pleased.


  7. Lilybean

    What a douchey thing to say.


  8. Jae

    my hairdresser doesn’t have a problem with doing my hair but my mum does. She tells the hairdresser “make it pretty” and then i say “make it just like the photo please” well i am the customer and not my mum so i should have my say on what i want my hair to look like.


  9. Anonymous

    claudis maximus- EXACTLY! The same thing happened to me. Atleast someone sees where I’m coming from.


  10. J

    Right, because the second X chromosome has SO much information in it that decides how you style your hair.


  11. epinards

    I finally cut my hair and people have been telling me i look like a boy and I’m like, yeah that’s the look i’m going for. And instead of worrying about myself and what that means I am just reading it as them communicating their own anxieties about gender.

    I wonder why people’s worry about that ever even bothered me before. It’s just so easy to own it now. Why wasn’t it before? It is so funny once you step out of needing to prove yourself then other people’s anxieties just look like . . . their own anxieties. Nothing really to do with me at all.


  12. Rosie

    Men should have short hair and women should have long hair. Because the Bible says so. Or so I’ve been told… (tch, silly and infantile….)


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