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You can call me… Kit, which is technically short for Christopher, but Christopher doesn’t feel right at all.

I identify as… A transgirl, usually. Sometimes I’m just a girly boy, but that’s pretty rare.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer she, her, daughter, sister, etc. It just feels… right.

I’m attracted to… People. Really, I couldn’t care less about what’s in between your legs. That doesn’t define you. I like you for who you are, not what you are. You can be genderqueer, transgender, cisgender,whatever. I’m not bothered. Just as long as you’re nice.

When people talk about me, I want them to… not know what gender I am. Really, I miss the ambiguity that male puberty has robbed of me. I miss being able to go “You know what, I’m not sure,” when they ask me.

I want people to understand… that I don’t just like the idea of wearing a skirt, however appealing that may be (which is loads, because it’s really comfortable and fun), because I can do that anyway. I want people to understand that I want to grow breasts and live as a girl, but my dick… I’m pretty indifferent. It’s there. It’s sort of fun, I guess.

About Kit.
I’m a pansexual transgirl who loves sci-fi and anime.

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5 Responses to “Profile: Kit”

  1. Anonymous

    You sound lovely :3
    …that was such an eloquent comment >.< Sorry XD
    Just thought I'd say, Kit is one of the names I use, too (I'm genderqueer). I like it because Christopher Marlowe used to use it ^^


  2. Regen

    So much of this is so how I feel, only in reverse! I’m like “I’d really rather not have breasts, but my vagina may as well stay…”

    And that thing about the pronouns just feeling “right” (I know I post a lot about this, but it’s a) exciting and b) relevant) It’s so true!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize it until I tried it, but the moment people started calling me he I felt 100 times better and was like “wow, this feels RIGHT.”

    Also, I also love sci-fi (the college I’m going to has a sci-fi theme hall and I am SO going to live there next year. Actually I pretty much live there already, except for the fact that my bed is in a different building).

    Anyway, great profile :D


  3. Cirrus

    You really do sound lovely! I don’t normally post on profiles, but I just had to say hello to all the ONM posters behind you :D I had all those on my own wall back at home!!


  4. James

    Judging by this profile…
    I love you xD
    Sci-fi and anime are epic
    Pan-ness is awesomazing
    You’re gorgeous :D
    And you sound like an overall person.
    Judging by the profile.


  5. Mr. Jessy

    Uh. Can I hug you please? :3


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