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A dark-skinned person in a black t-shirt sipping a pink drink out of a martini glass and looking off to the side.

You can call me… Trey.

I identify as… a greedy bi-sexual. I love all who love me and more, and I detest being boxed into a sexuality. My babies call me Mashu. I’m a mommy and a lover and a pretty big question mark. Call me The Ambiguous One.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Slut, Slag, Skut, Harlot. I’ve gotten most of my friends used to calling me derogatory words. I don’t know why but I love them. Especially Harlot.

I’m attracted to… interesting characters. People who can kill and love in the same breath. People who lick what tastes good and spit out what doesn’t. Denizens and drop-outs, sluts and virgins. I love the ones that don’t pretend to be normal, happy or sane, when they’re not.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Speak louder so I can join in. I’m too comfortable with my flaws to die over it. We can both call me a loser, I need a good laugh!

I want people to understand… that we could die today. That life is not just a solid lump of either beauty or ugliness. It’s all mashed together. Tomorrow will be horrid and the next day will be pure gorgeous. Stop trying to control it and just love it. At the same time, you can make your world EVERYTHING you want it to be. People talk, they laugh, they point, but everyone lives in their own little universe. And you can definitely omit them from yours. So don’t worry. Everything goes…and that’s always going to be true.

About Trey.
I’m a writer and a mother before anything else. I dabble in the capturing of souls here and there, but it gets boring. Maybe I’m the most normal person you know.
Truth is, I’m pretty much a lover of destruction. Chaos and just giving up and letting the real beauty of life soak in drives me. I feel trapped in relationships and I kinda believe in short love. My loves are nicknamed The Boy Chin Wonder and Dude Ranch and they mean everything to me. I crave loneliness at times, and really, I am in love with myself.
My website is: and I hope to make it more than a blogspot one day. You’ll love my sick, rancid stories, I think, and I’ll love you for loving them.
Let’s be disgusting, friends.

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4 Responses to “Profile: Trey”

  1. Edi

    I think I love you, Harlot. ;)


  2. Jay

    Goddamn this is great!

    ‘I love the ones that don’t pretend to be normal, happy or sane, when they’re not.’



  3. Noel Veva

    This is the most beautifully ugly and authentic thing I have seen in a long, long time. Your blog is now in my roll.

    I suspect we are kindred of some sort, Skag-sister-friend. :)

    More disgusting, less clean and easy and conventional and ready-made, slick, digestible. More pain, less numbing. More risk, less comfort. ESPECIALLY FOR MAMAS LIKE US. Those molds were just *made* to be broken.

    Your children are incredibly fortunate. I am so happy for your family and so glad you have each other. It highlights the heart.

    Ugliness is radical, lovely, and a way through and out of this grayscale maze. As are you.

    Many, many hugs, and much support.


  4. Treys Ludlow

    I didn’t even realize this was up! It’s cool. I’ve never seen myself on a site other than mine before. Makes my eyelashes flutter in ways that will probably get me laid tonight.
    Thank you Jai, I f’ing L word you, too Edi. Noel…I concur. A lot less numbing, a lot more real life agony. I complain like my mouth was made only for the bitching and I refuse to be shut up. I love your site as well…especially your refusal to accept comments and your explanation of why. It’s cool to have somewhere to go when you just want to read or listen…and to know that someone else values their own opinion as much as I do.
    Thanks, everyone. Much smut and love in whatever amount of future we have left.


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