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I believe in myself. I don’t believe in the negativity around my freedom of expression. I do not believe in the people who tell me I shouldn’t express myself and think of myself how I want to. They are not me, and I am not them. I refuse to conform because of fear. I refuse to let fear be the central driving force in my life.

I want to live my life on my own terms, and that means that maybe, I LOVE colors. Maybe, I LOVE shoes. Maybe I want to walk “like a woman”, or walk like I’m on the catwalk. Maybe I like being over-dramatic, emotional, expressing my full range of emotions.

I am a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  2. Anonymous

    Oh thank yoy for that…I refuse to get pushed around by others and I want to make it clear that it is not my job to please society. But I am afraid that if I refuse to please them, they will start to refuse to please me and stop to rely on me. I often learned that leaving the boxes makes me unreliable, unworthy of trust and so on in the eyes of others. I want to be a respected person, I am a friend people could rely on, I am stable, I am good, I keep the promises I make, I do not steal or hurt anyone. But as soon as I start to talk about the boxes and how stupid they are and that I AM society, not matter what I wear or do, everybody around me respond like I am a freak that can`t grow up.
    All I want to do is to educate the people that male and female are terms that should not matter. They unfortunately do matter because there are still too many uneducated people, people who are still stuck in the boxes just because they don`t know that they are allowed to leave them.

    So you got it! We are all humans and have feelings. The rest is what we make it or what we let society make it. We can decide. Or in Ru Pauls words: the rest is all drag!


  3. Ieasha

    I really like this site. I stumbled upon it searching for the meaning of pansexual…not bc I didn’t know what it meant but hoping to understand myself more…its really odd for entire life I have identified myself as lesbian however never understood why I usually only go for butch women…I don’t like men but I have dated women who either want to be men or are in the process of becoming one..very attracted to trans female to male…I still havnt sorted out what this means. All I know ia I like women and trans women to men lol…


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