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I don’t like being androgynous. I’ve accepted who I am and aren’t ashamed, don’t get me wrong. No, the problem is how I can go from wanting to wear a dress to being horrified at such a thought in about half a second. My masculinity and femininity are in conflict, and I don’t know how to resolve it.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on December 15th, 2012 at 08:00 am

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8 Responses to “Conflict”

  1. Anonymous

    They wage war in me as well. I am most at peace when they are in complete balance.


  2. Anonymous

    I have been at war with the same for many years. I want to wear things and let my girlie side out. Shortly thereafter, I get mad at myself. I once had a girlfriend that recognized it and was encouraging, but it was short lived. Living in both worlds is hard. Sometimes, I wonder if I could get past the first point with a boyfriend would the conflict go away?


  3. Divineanimal

    take yourself on a nice date


  4. Kris

    Push through any shame and self doubt and embrace it. Only way to
    move on…..


  5. Wiley

    I totally relate to this. It’s so frustrating.


  6. kaitie

    i understand this more than ive understood anything on this page yet, or should i say that it relates to me more than anything yet. what bothers me more than trying to figure it out yourself is trying to explain it to your significant other, or loved ones. sometimes i want to, well have the urge to dress more masculine. like suspenders and ties, sometimes i want to cut my hair really short. then i switch immediately and cant understand it. i have been coping with it day by day. all the advice i can give to you that i know how to is that you should open up to yourself about it and allow yourself to be that fluid. if you wanna wear a dress then hell, go for it. and if the next second you hate it, then change. just allow yourslef to experiment with it. sexuality is fluid.


  7. gqfemmeboi

    I completely understand this I have 2 sides to my closet the right is all womens clothing and the left is all mens clothing… And on the floor in my closet I have all mens shows on the left and womens on the right.. I have all the things I would need to present as either… and at times there in sever conflict like I will grow out my body hair and once my male side is comfortable with the length of my leg hair my other side kicks in and I want to shave my legs.. only issue is if and when I do the male side instantly kicks in and is unhappy… so either way im always a little unhappy.. but im with someone who loves me and all of me and also has there own gender stuff as well so in such a case its a very openly loving relationship..


  8. gqfemmebo


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