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You can call me… Bunny

I identify as… everything. I’m a cross-dressing illustrator and comic book artist, who also sings as a malfunctioning Victorian robot in Steam Powered Giraffe. As an actor, I already have so many personalities going on in my head. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on what is really you. Even when I’m not performing, my gender identity fluctuates quite frequently. Male…or female?

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I accept male pronouns on a day to day basis, especially when doing business. But if anyone gives me the choice, I prefer female pronouns when I’m not working. I loathe being called “Mr.” or “Sir,” but I understand how easy and common it is to say. At least they’re being respectful, I suppose.

I’m attracted to… women. My affection for them is magnified in my cross-dressing and art. The curves of a female are beautiful. I’m not attracted to men immediately, but I am attracted to the personalities of some men.

When people talk about me, I want them to… see me as the artist behind the body. Whether I look like a man today or a woman the next, inside I’m still the same hungry-to-create mind that prefers to weave stories without being limited to a specific gender role.

I want people to understand… the hardship that comes from being in the gray area between the sexes. Despite resounding support by friends and family, your own culturally-defined line of genders can leave you battling for years against yourself…trying to figure out what sex defines you. How easy it’d be to be comfortable as just a man or as just a woman, so you can just focus on developing yourself as a person instead of having to do that and decide if you are male or female. It sounds much easier, yes…but also a lot less interesting.

About Bunny
I’m an identical twin and an artist. I’ve studied everything from video game development to pantomime, and worked five years as a graphic designer before finding peace illustrating and performing as a singing robot for Steam Powered Giraffe. As certain I am of my career, plunging into the self is a whole other endeavor.

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13 Responses to “Profile: Bunny”

  1. Anonymous

    hey, cool, i saw you this summer at the san diego zoo! well, not you specifically, but your group. small world, i guess!


  2. Anonymous

    You look good!


  3. Gatito

    You are a beautiful being – inside and out.


  4. Anonymous

    Way to go Bunny, we love you and all your personalities. :)


  5. Anonymous

    Bunny, you are a beautiful being. Not just person but sheer being. I also wish I had the vocals you and your twin have. <3


  6. hp hart

    I totally understand! My totem has been Pan since I was a kid…and though I identify as female and lesbian, in my life I have always disliked the compartmentalization of gender and sexuality, since my feeling is both are entirely fluid. Since all of us slip in and out of various aspects of reality all the time, it makes sense to keep things androgynous and creative. And I am raising my children to keep an open mind as well…obviously. :) if you ask my 8 yr old daughter or 3 yr old son where their horns are, they will point very purposefully to their foreheads. ive seen you at the san diego zoo several times now, and love it more each time. (i have rather a mane of hair, and a compulsively clicking camera to go with it). you are most intriguing. your wonderful band has opened up the wonders of the Steampunk genre for me. i have some decent photos of all of you, as i’m sure thousands so. If you are in need of any more however, please let me know and i will gladly send them over.

    Happy to know you are in the world, you seem a good and very authentic soul.


  7. mark

    i like a person who likes a good personality! awesome!


  8. Anonymous

    Wow! Every day I seem to be learning something else incredibly interesting about you. Not just a great musician, but a graphic designer as well? You’re an artist among artists and a true inspiration!


  9. Emily

    You sound like a very strong woman, and I hope that the world see’s you for your brilliant mind, and your wide variety of talents. I LOVE the group you perform in, Steam Powered Giraffe, and I hope y’all come to Austin soon! I want to hear Honeybee and Automatonic Electronic Hamonics in person so badly c:, and try to get to meet you all in person. Stay awesome Bunny! <3


  10. Jannel

    This was both beautiful and educational to read. I admire your strength and your honesty, I love that you are an advocate of being true to yourself. You’re such an inspiration! I can’t wait to meet you in May at SPWF :)


  11. Andrea "Andie"

    I found this while looking up Steam Powered Giraffe.
    It gave me the courage and strength to be more open about my own gender(s).

    Love you, Bunny. And everything you do. You really are amazing.



  12. Hakuni

    Bunny, when I first found you in Steam Powered Giraffe you instantly became my favourite. You’re passionate with your work and even in female form you still never stop amazing me with how realistic you are. You’re a beautiful man and woman. Really though , you are just amazing. I wish you the best of luck with your tours and new songs that will be out in the future. ?


  13. Anonymous

    Ever since I saw gifs of you at the begining of the “brass goggles” video, I saw an amazing person who I’d love to watch singing and talking without being tired of hearing your voice. I love the band you’re in and I’m glad that you are proud to be who you are no matter what others say. I try to be myself in the way I look but my parents and brother always try to stop me. Sometimes I feel like I’m a boy but mostly a girl. Few people know but I don’t mind. Once I’m out of the house I’ll finally be free to be who I am. As the (really) late Sid Vincent said, “It’s not really my problem if they think I’m weird.”


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